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ICU Patient Home Care BD. Nursing services at home.

The skilled patient care attendants and nurses team of Maisha Care Limited are always active with ICU Patient Care Services. If your parents, relatives or acquaintances have an ICU patient, we go to the home and hospital and provide nursing services. We have skilled and trained Patient Care Attendants and Diploma / B.Sc Nurses who are providing 8/12/24 hours of service at the patient's home or in the hospital.
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Nursing services at home। Nursing Service in Dhaka.

Here people talk about the nursing care they received in ICU Patient Home Care BD. Most people spoke highly of all the staff in ICU and the care that they received, particularly from their named nurses, even if they couldn’t always remember their names. For many the care was ‘excellent’ and the nurses were kind, encouraging, professional and calm. Several people discussed memorable experiences they’d had while in intensive care, such as celebrating birthdays, and one man recalled how the nurses arranged for him to leave ICU Patient Home Care BD briefly and see his dogs, in the hope that this would help him recover.Get Ambulance Service from here .

Patient Care Home Service BD। Nursing Home Service BD.

 ​We provide home nursing services all over Bangladesh. We have been providing nursing services since several years with the aim of providing home nursing services as per doctor's advice. Contact us from any part of Bangladesh. PATIENT DETAILS - Directly from the head office in a controlled manner, well-skilled and trained nurses will be delivered to your address.

 ​Our Service:-

   Nursing Home Service​ .
    Patient Care Attendant Home Service​ .  
    Physiotherapy Home Service​.    

    Doctor Home visit​.   

    Old Age Care At Home.​  
    Maternity Care At Home.​   

    ICU Patient Care At Home.
    Palliative Patient Care At Home. ​ 
    Dementia Patient Care At Home.​ 
    Mental Condition service. ​  

    Neonatal care. ​  

 ​    Oxygen Support​.  

    Ambulance Service. ​  
    Neuro Patient Care home Service. ​ 
    Baby Care At Home. ​  
 ​    Surgical And Medical Equipment Home Service.


Home Nursing Service in Bangladesh।  Nurse provider agency.

That’s why we need this service from a professional home care.We Provide Best Nursing Home Service in Bangladesh:Maisha Care Limited.  is the best and very professional for nursing home care in Bangladesh.  We have lots of experience in providing nursing home care in Bangladesh.  Our professional team is ready for non-stop home nursing service. We appoint or give a nurse depending on the patient condition. Our expert management takes proper observation of the nurse service. Also, all our nurses are very friendly and we trained, Maisha Care Limited.Why You Choose Our Home Service ?We know proper take care is the main issue for a good nurse. For home service, the nurse should be good and professional.