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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Benefits:
Travel Whenever & Wherever :

We only sell the best quality portable oxygen concentrator. You can bring your portable oxygen concentrator on a plane, boat, train, or anywhere you plan on travelling.

True Freedom :

You will never have to worry about lugging around your heavy oxygen tank or worry about your oxygen tank running out of oxygen. Portable oxygen concentrator are lightweight and provide oxygen 24/7.

Enjoy Experiences:

Are you tired of waiting around for oxygen deliveries? Worried about running out of oxygen? Say goodbye to those worries with a new portable oxygen concentrator.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Sell In Bangladesh.

Oxygen Concentrator

  • Brand: Owgels
  • price: 38,000/-
  • Letre:  5L
Oxygen Concentrator 5L
Oxygen Concentrator 10L


Oxygen Concentrator


  • Brand         : Owgels
  • price           : 78,000/-
  • Letre           :  10L
Oxygen Concentrator Sell BD ,

Products Specifications :

Flow specifications                                  1 LPM-5 LPM

Oxygen concentration                            93% (+3%, -3%)

Power Consumption                              330 Watts

Sound                                                       50 dBa

Dimensions                                            13.4 in.W *11.8 in.D*25.6 in.H (34 cm W * 30 cm D* 65 cm H )

Weight                                                    19 kg

Enviromental Limit Conditions       Operating conditions : 5’C to 55′ C storage : -20’C to 60’C

Relative Humidity : up to 80% RH
Accessories :

The accessories listed below are recommended for use with this device. The use of any other accessories which are not specified for use with this device may reduce performance and void the manufacturer”s warranty.

Humidifier Bottle                    1 Piece,

Cannula                                    1 Piece,

Filter                                         1 Price,

Atomizing Cup                       1 Piece,

Atomizing Tubing                 1 piece,

Atomizing Musk                   1 piece,

Atomizing Mouthpiece       1 piece,

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