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Arm Sling



Arm Sling BD, Ask the casualty to support their arm with their other hand. Gently slide the triangular bandage underneath the arm. The point of the triangle should be underneath the elbow of the injured arm. Bring the top end of the bandage around the back of the neck arm sling bd.

Fold the lower end of the bandage up over the forearm to meet the top of the bandage at the shoulder of the injured side. Tie the two ends of the bandage together in a reef knot above their collar bone and tuck in the free ends.

Adjust the sling so that it supports their arm all the way to the end of their little finger. Make sure that the edge of the bandage by the elbow is secured by twisting the fabric and tucking it in, or using a safety pin to fasten. arm sling bd Check the circulation in their fingertips every 10 minutes. Press their nail for 5 seconds until it turns pale, then release to see if the colour returns within 2 seconds. Get Nursing Support from us.

The Maximals in Beast Wars Neo are referred to as “Cybertrons” in Japan, the same name given to the Autobots in Japan.

  • Big Convoy

Big Convoy, the Convoy warrior known as the one man army, is astoundingly powerful, but prefers being alone, heading onto battlefields by himself. He wields a big cannon, which can blitz enemies with a single shot. On orders from Vector Sigma, Big Convoy has been appointed as an instructor to a group of young warriors. He transforms into a Woolly Mammoth.

  • Longrack

Longrack is the gabby, annoying class committee member of the group. He is quite serious about following rules to the letter, and will butt in and aggressively complain to others about it. His Arm Shot attack extends his right arm, while his Crush Arm grabs and mangles his enemies. Longrack also specializes in tinkering with machines. He transforms into a giraffe.

  • Cohrada

His transformative powers favor dry climates. Cohrada represents one of the more experimental Transformers to be released over the course of the Beast Wars era. His beast mode is rather unconventional – a snake. He is not a typical snake that is completely tubular. Rather, he is a cobra (even though reptiles are traditional considered a Predacon beast form), allowing slightly more bulk to the beast mode, allowing for greater possibilities in transformation schemes.