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Why does diabetes occur?

Why does diabetes occur?

Well, first of all, let me tell you that diabetes is basically a metabolic disorder. Insulin is present in the body, but it is not working properly. Alternatively, insulin may get completely destroyed. We mostly refer to these four types of diabetes when discussing it: Type 1, Type 2, Gestational, and Other. Type 1 means that due to some reason, the insulin in the body gets destroyed, and if they are not given insulin separately, they may die. When we eat different types of food, particularly fast food, the body goes haywire. It is at that moment that insulin is in the body but not working accordingly. Then, at this time, whatever food is taken, the glucose in it accumulates. This is Type 2 diabetes.

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Why does diabetes occur? What are the symptoms?

Food is consumed; in that way, insulin is secreted from the pancreas. The function of the insulin is to reduce the excess glucose from the food that we consume. When the production of insulin decreases, or even after the production of insulin, it doesn’t function; the excess glucose remains in the body. We call such a condition diabetes. When there is such a rise in glucose levels—more than 7 on an empty stomach and more than 11 after eating—this is known as diabetes. In the case of Type 1 diabetes, everybody can understand. Suddenly, health deteriorates. The problem is with Type 2 diabetes patients. They don’t realize that they have diabetes. Some of the symptoms are polyuria, polyphagia, polydispia, asthenia, adipsia, non-healing wound, and non-easily-healing cut. Much damage is done over three to four years since they do not go to the doctor. It showed that blood has been layered in the eyes and there is a block in the heart—the amount of creatinine in the liver is high.

What is the relationship between weight and diabetes?

A direct scientific correlation is not available but it is generally observed that those taking fast food in huge quantities love to eat fast food. They rest on the bed for a longer period, their weight is heavy. Due to this, their body has more insulin resistance. As a result, even if insulin is secreted, it cannot work. Hence the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes is high. Proper body mass index has to be maintained. There is also a higher risk of diabetes due to genetic role or factors of family history. Genetics is one and lifestyle is another. If diabetes is in parents, then the risk of diabetes becomes 50 per cent more. And if lifestyle is not healthy, then it’s another 50 per cent. In total, it becomes 100 percent. There is no alternative to exercise; whether it might be house hold work or office work. One needs to walk at the speed of two paces in a second. A daily brisk walk of no less than half an hour is sufficient in.

What to do if you have diabetes?

There are four things to do: oral medication, then insulin, healthy lifestyle, and mental support. These are very important. Drugs, diet, discipline – these are very important. You need to maintain your lifestyle; exercise regularly and have regular checkups. Keep a glucometer at home and measure regularly. Assuming that one can maintain a glucose level of five to six before meals and below ten after meals, that would be good. They will remain healthy for a longer period with diabetes. Support from members in the family is very necessary for controlling diabetes.

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