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Baby Care at Home Service is one of our services where we take care of your darling child. In this service, our skilled and trained babysitter team is taking care of your darling baby at your home or hospital with 8/12/24 hours of service.

With thousands of jobs in this busy city life, you can choose to take care of your baby with our Baby Care at Home service. Don't worry, contact us today.

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Taking a newborn Baby Care Dhaka Bangladesh class during pregnancy can prepare caregivers for the real thing. But feeding and diapering a baby doll isn’t quite the same. During the stay in a hospital or birthing center, clinicians and nurses help with basic baby care. These health providers will demonstrate basic infant care. 

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  Newborn care basics include:
 Handling a newborn, including supporting the baby’s neck.
 Changing diapers.
 Feeding and burping.
 Cleaning the umbilical cord.
 Caring for a healing circumcision.
 Using a bulb syringe to clear the baby’s nasal passages.
 Taking a newborn’s temperature.
 Tips for soothing the baby.

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Before leaving the hospital, ask about home visits by a nurse or health care worker. Many new parents appreciate somebody checking in with them and their Baby Care Dhaka Bangladesh a few days after coming home. If breastfeeding, a mother can ask whether a lactation consultant visit in the home to provide follow-up support, as well as providing other resources in the community, such as peer support groups.Many first-time parents also welcome the help of a family member or friend who has “been there.” Having a support person stay with the newborn for a few days can give the mother the confidence to go at it alone in the weeks ahead. This can be to arranged before delivery.

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The Baby's Care Dhaka Bangladesh first doctor’s visit is another good time to ask about any infant care questions. Parents can ask about reasons to call the doctor and about what vaccines baby needs and when. Young children need vaccines because the diseases they protect against can strike at an early age and can be very dangerous in childhood. This includes rare diseases and more common ones, such as the flu.Caring for a newborn also includes the health screening of the newborn, most of the times this occurs in the hospital or pediatrician’s office shortly after birth. Every state screens babies for more than two dozen disorders.Baby Care Dhaka Bangladesh, Early detection can help treat the disorder.

How our baby sitters will take care of your baby।  Baby care BD.

1. Feeding: The growth of the baby is highest in the first year. Milk is the only food for the first five-six months of life. This milk strengthens her bone structure. According to the doctor, he should not be given water till he is six months old. Even in hot weather, he has to quench his thirst by drinking milk. Mothers do not have to worry about what to eat for these few months. However, at this time all the mothers were upset with the feeding rules. The doctor first shed light on that.

Keep your head high: The golden diet is immature after birth. So milk is his only food. However, if you are not careful while feeding, the milk may get stuck in her throat. According to experts, small dogs should keep their necks and heads slightly elevated during feeding. There is no possibility of milk entering the respiratory tract.
Feed from both breasts: In many cases, Kinda does not like to drink milk in the same way continuously. The doctor said that while breastfeeding, the mother should breastfeed alternately from both breasts. Just as it maintains the balance of milk in the mother's two breasts, Studio does not bother to drink milk due to the change of position.
Follow her time: Newborns sleep at least 14 to 16 hours a day. So whenever he wakes up, he takes a deposit to drink milk. She usually needs to be breastfed every two to three hours. However, those who drink bottled milk drink milk every four hours. So you have to endure this naughtiness of the first few months. It is better to wake up in the middle of the night and be ready to breastfeed (Newborn Baby Care 1st Month).
Belching: It is necessary to belch yourself after feeding. While eating milk, small gold swallows a lot of outside air. This air goes into her stomach with milk. So after feeding, lie down on your neck and gently massage your back. Or lie down on the bed and roll your little legs like cycling. The air in his stomach will come out easily.

 2. Diaper Changing: Diaper Changing is also a test for parents. Since diapers are the only thing that can cause smallpox, there is a risk of spreading the infection. As the skin is sensitive, diaper rash can quickly occur. The doctor also warned them about this.

Diaper rash: Bacteria in diaper rash easily affect the skin. Bacteria cause rashes on the skin. This rash increases a lot of it is not noticed at the right time. As a result, even a small mood deteriorates. Even eating habits change.
Regular diaper changes: Neither this nor the toilet should be in contact with the skin for a long time. Therefore, doctors recommend that diapers should be changed as soon as possible in any case. It does not get a chance of bacterial infection (Newborn Baby Care Advice & Tips).
Smooth wiper: Smooth wiper should always be used while wiping. Doctors also recommend wiping very gently. If you inadvertently wipe the skin can be spread.

 3. Sending To Sleep: It is very important to follow the time to put yourself to sleep. Newborns sleep 14 to 16 hours in 24 hours. This sleep helps them to turn their brains. However, in this case, it is important to keep an eye on a few things.

Type of bedding: Always put Kludge to bed. For the first few months, he should not be laid on his back or his stomach. It can cause breathing problems, as well as neck injuries.
Pacifier: You can use a pacifier to put yourself to sleep. It has a feeling of sucking, so I get a good night's sleep.
Maintain room temperature: Doctors forbid Kinda to wear warm clothes while sleeping. Instead, he should wear thin clothes according to the temperature of the room. It is good for small sleep. Her discomfort will increase if her body temperature is higher than her room temperature. This can lead to mood swings (How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby).
Stop smoking: You should not smoke in front of him while he is awake or asleep. This can cause breathing problems. It is also possible to damage the lungs.