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Contact us to get doctor at home and tell your problem. ​According to the problem, the doctor will reach your home quickly. 
You can benefit a lot from doctor home visits. For example, if someone suddenly falls ill in your house, you cannot take him to the hospital. Then you can take the doctor at your home. You can get many benefits through this system. For example, you don't have to travel, you don't have to worry about transporting your patients.

Physical illness and mental health

Many of us will suffer from a major physical illness at some point. Both illness and its treatment can affect how we think and feel. This booklet can be used by a person suffering from severe physical illness or his relative or friend. It reads

How physical illness affects our mind
How does it feel to be depressed or anxious?
Why is there more depression or anxiety when there is a physical illness?
What if the tendency to depression or anxiety increases?
When should you ask for help?
How to treat depression or anxiety?
What can you do yourself?
What can friends or relatives do?
Where can you find out more about this or get help?

Physical illness and mental stress

Serious physical illnesses can affect all aspects of your life. Your relationships, work, religion and your social interactions can all be affected. Serious illness can make you depressed, anxious, fearful or angry.

This could be because:
We suffer from uncertainty-
What exactly happened?
How to deal with surgery pain or medication side effects?
- What will be the benefits of treatment?
We are losing control over our body and other situations. It seems we have nothing to do.
We feel isolated from family and friends. Sometimes it is difficult to talk about illness with loved ones. We don't want to worry or hurt them.
For some, physical illness is overwhelming. Cancer or heart disease can make us feel anxious or depressed. It can disrupt our daily life.

What does depression or anxiety feel like?
Anxiety or depression affects both our body and mind. Sometimes both happen at the same time.

Feelings of anxiety:
Constantly thinking thoughts, especially thoughts related to illness or treatment of illness
The worst that could happen, it seems, is what will happen. For example, it may seem that the illness will be too severe, or may die.
Hearing chest murmurs (chest palpitations)
Muscle pain or tightness
Not being able to relax
Rapid breathing (rapid breathing)
I feel like I'm going to faint
Gas heartburn or frequent bowel movements

Feelings of depression:
Always feeling depressed and thinking that this depression will never go away
Lack of enthusiasm for anything in life
Not being able to enjoy anything
Not being able to make decisions even in small matters
Feeling extremely tired all the time
Feeling uneasy or restless
Loss of appetite and weight loss (in some cases just the opposite, both hunger and weight gain)
Insomnia and waking up early in the morning
Reluctance in intercourse
Lack of self-confidence and feeling inferior, incapable
Avoiding the company of others
becoming irritable
An overall disappointment about oneself, one's current situation, and the world itself. It might feel like I'll never get better, or it might feel like I'm downright expendable.
Suicide may occur. This is often the case with depression. If you feel like this, it is better to talk about it, not to keep it all in your mind.
Some of these symptoms, such as insomnia, loss of appetite or feeling tired, may be due to your physical illness or its treatment. If you talk to your doctor or nurse about this, will he or she be able to determine the cause? Depression or physical illness?

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Why does the tendency to depression or anxiety increase when suffering from a serious physical illness?
Stress from any cause increases the tendency to depression and anxiety. Illness and treatment of illness cause stress. This seems to be the most likely reason.
Some drugs (such as steroids) affect brain function. This can lead to depression or anxiety.
Certain diseases, such as an underactive thyroid gland, affect brain function. It can also lead to depression or anxiety.
Moreover, both depression and anxiety are common in the general population. So you may have physical ailments along with anxiety or depression.

In which case your tendency to depression or anxiety increases?
Having a physical illness increases your susceptibility to mental illness

You have previously suffered from anxiety or depression
You have no relatives or friends with whom you can talk about your illness
You are female (women are more prone to depression or anxiety than men)
There are many other stressors in your life at this time such as divorce, death of a loved one, job loss etc
you are in so much pain
Your illness can be life-threatening
You are unable to do your own work due to illness
When you are prone to depression or anxiety:
When you first find out about your illness
After major surgery, or if your treatment is more painful
If you get sick again after being healthy for a while. For example, if a second heart attack occurs, or if the cancer recedes, then it becomes excessive again
If treatment doesn't work

When should you seek help? If you have depression or anxiety:
Exceeds the dimension; You have never experienced such anxiety or depression
Its prevalence is not decreasing with time
Your work, hobbies, relations with relatives and friends are deteriorating

Our Aim

Our aim is to put a smile on the face of the elderly sick parents with proper service. Beside them our skilled, experienced Doctor and Diploma B.Sc. nurses, Caregiver will always be engaged in their home or hospital services. They will be by their side in happiness and sorrow. National Veterans Day has been observed all over the world since 1991 on the call of the United Nations. Our main urgue is to ensure the future of the human race, social welfare and service to the elderly and the sick. Two decades ago, the United Nations warned the world about the world's elderly population. The United Nations estimated that by 2050, the number of elderly people in the world will be around 200 million. 20 percent of the total population is going to be aged. In other words, 1 out of every 5 people will be elderly. Then the number of elderly people will be more than children and adolescents. Bangladesh has about one and a half crore elderly people. In 2025, it will cross 2 crore. And by 2050 it will exceed four and a half crore, then the number of diseases will increase even more. It is seen that today's boys and girls are not able to give time and service to their parents and close relatives for the purpose of education or for the purpose of employment or in their busy schedule. In that they surely need support. Therefore, we seriously pointed out the problems and delivered skilled and experienced Doctor ,Diploma & B.Sc Nurse, Caregiver, Physiotherapist, Ambulance Service, Medical Equipment, Doctor Home Visit, Medicine Home Delivery, Nutrition Diet Plan Home Service and Housekeeping Service. All in all, for an elderly and sick person, whatever support is needed, we are giving it to your home. We believe in the saying, "Let there be no old age home, but a place and service for the elderly and the sick in their own homes."