Maisha Care

Service Overview Of Monthly Package (2 hours slot)

What to expect?

  • Verified Professional Female Housemaid:
    Our service provides a thoroughly vetted and verified professional female housemaid for your household needs.
  • Punctual Service Delivery:
    Expect timely and punctual service delivery, ensuring that your 2-hour slot is utilized efficiently.
  • Fixed Time Slot for the Entire Month:
    The same time slot will be applicable for the entire month, providing consistency in service.
  • Absenteeism Policy:
    In case of 1-2 days of absenteeism, customers won't receive a replacement but will be refunded for those days in their Maisha care Ltd. wallet.
    Maid replacement will be ensured within 3 days of continuous absenteeism.

What not to expect?

  • Heavy Furniture Moving:
    The maids will not engage in moving heavy furniture.
  • Deep Stain Removal:
    Removal of deep stains is not included in the service.
  • Babysitting or Elderly Care:
    Maids will not babysit or provide care for elderly individuals at home.
  • Outdoor Errands:
    Maids will not run outdoor errands and will only work within your flat/apartment.
  • Unpleasant Tasks:
    Maids will not handle extremely unpleasant tasks that may cause discomfort or harm.

Working Days:

  • Housemaids will be actively available 26 days a month.
  • Weekly off day can be chosen based on customer requirements.


  • Housemaids will be actively available 26 days a month.
  • Weekly off day can be chosen based on customer requirements.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Service Booking:
    Customers need to book services 15 days prior to the scheduled time.
  • Safety Measures:
    Customers are responsible for the safety of their possessions after the maid enters the premises.
    The company will not be liable for any damage to electronic devices used by the maid.
  • Behavioral Guidelines:
    Any form of abuse, violence, or misconduct towards the assigned maid is strictly prohibited.
    Legal action will be taken if the client is found to be hostile towards the maid.
  • Incident Reporting:
    Report any theft or damage immediately; the company will take swift action and compensate for proven losses.


  • Cash on delivery and online payment options are available.
  • Booking confirmation is subject to advance payment.
  • Payment must be made digitally or as Cash on Delivery (COD) to the supervisor; direct payment to the maid is not endorsed.

Service Termination:

  • If service termination occurs in the middle of the month, a 15-day refund will be provided in the customer's wallet.