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Nursing Home Care BD.

How do you get a nurse for a patient? patient Nursing home care BD.

The skilled team of Maisha Care Limited is always active with Nursing Care at Home service. We have the skill and trained Patient Care Attendants and Diploma / B.Sc. Nurses who will provide 8/12/24 hours of service at the patient home in the hospital. We send three types of nurses to serve patients.
 1) Diploma and B.Sc. Nurse.
 2) Patient Care Attendant. 
 3) Paramedical.

Diploma and B.Sc. Nurse: - Diploma and B.Sc. nurse means those with an academic certificate. We are provide Diploma and B.Sc. nurse at your home. Just call us get you a good nurse.

Caregiver: -  ​Caregiver mean those with no academic certificates. A nurse does, and a ​Caregiver does.  We have the skill and trained ​Caregiver and Diploma / B.Sc. Nurses who will provide 8/12/24 hours of service at the patient home in the hospital. Nursing Home Service BD.

This service includes being able to perform a doctor's prescription blood test, X-ray, ultrasound or various scans. Even doctors cannot treat a patient without this test report. Those who work in this category are called paramedics. The name of this course is Paramedical Course. You will get so much from us. You can also provide a paramedical caregiver for a patient in your home or hospital. Nursing Agency BD.

That will do the work

Diploma and B.Sc. Nurse

  • Bipap Machine Maintain.
  • CPAP machine maintenance.
  • Civilline Maintain.
  • Packtube Maintain.
  • Try therapy.
  • Giving space therapy.
  • Administering medicine a
  • Administer insulin
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Diabetes checkup
  • Catheter maintenance
  • Nebulizer
  • suction
  • will change position
  • Continuous vital sign monitoring 
  • Oxygen will maintain

Caregiver Support

  • Administering medicine as per prescription
  • Administer insulin
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Diabetes checkup
  • Catheter maintenance
  • Nebulizer
  • suction
  • will change position
  • Continuous vital sign monitoring will be done
  • Oxygen will maintain


  • Providing round the clock    support to the patient on time.
  • Administer medicine
  • Feeding the patient on time
  • take a bath
  • Morning care – help with         walking
  • Diaper changing (in case of     bed patient)
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Give insulin
  • Change position
  • Take out for refreshments

Nursing home service BD । Nursing Agency BD। Service System

৳ 800
Per Day


 12 Hours ​shift

 ​​Educ​ations: SSC, HSC


 ​​Old Age Care

 ​​Patient's hygienic and cleanness

 ​ ​Stable Patient Handling

 ​baby care

 ​Day or night

Our  other Service

৳ 1000
Per Day


Paramedical Course Complete

 12 Hours ​ shift

 ​Elde​r​ly care

 Patient's hygienic and cleanness

 ​ICU patient care

 Dementia patient Care

 ​Day or night

Our  other Service

৳ 1200
Per Day

Diploma Nurse

 8 Hours ​shift

 Handling critical patient

 NICU, ICU, Surgical patient Care

 Neuro patient Care

 palliative patient


Our  other Service
Nursing Home Service BD

Home care nurse । Home care services in Dhaka 

We take care to meet the improved needs of your loved ones at home to improve their health and happiness. Traditional internal care allows your loved ones to get the help they need without sacrificing their freedom. If your loved one is healthy, you may be able to meet his or her needs, but if you are ill, you can hire a caregiver/nurse to help provide them with the help they need. However, there are times . Home care services in Dhaka। ​Nursing Home Service BD.

What services are given by home health care?

Expect us to appear on your search results when you look for "Home health care services near me" because we are available for just that. We create a chart of an unfavorable assortment of services based on the needs and preferences of each patient individually. We provide a wide range of services, including, but not limited to, excellent nursing home care, home health aide or personal care assistance, living support services like wheelchair transportation, housework, mental evaluation and support services, overnight watch, regular follow-ups, durable medical equipment, and much more.

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Nursing agency BD

Our company, Nursing Home Care BD, is now committed to providing nurse services in residential settings. We are providing nursing home care services at home, along with equipment servicing and medical diagnosis services, because we feel that long-lasting and meaningful connections between home patients, their friends or families, and our house care team are important. These services are all really focused on the needs of Dhaka's personal care homes and patients. Along with nursing home services, we also provide a variety of medical supplies, such as oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, wheelchairs, pulse oximeters, hospital beds, mattresses, ventilators, suction machines, syringe pumps, and more. We offer this as a rental basic so that your loved ones can stay in the comfort of their own home while having the best tools at their disposal. Therefore, as a benefit to the health care system, our equipment service has already established itself as the top nursing home service in Dhaka.  

Neuro Patient Home Care BD

Numerous patients with neurological diseases are being effectively catered for by Maisha Care Ltd. in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Every patient is unique, and every condition is distinct from the one before it. Our brothers and sisters, as well as nurses, are knowledgeable about all medical issues and have received training to evaluate each circumstance carefully and objectively in order to choose the best course of action to achieve a successful end. making the patient and, more crucially, the family feel secure. Inside of Dhaka, we have offered adequate home neurocare, and our nurses, brothers, and sisters have accumulated enough expertise. Regardless of the circumstance, they are constantly watchful and kind towards the patients.

ICU Patient Home Care BD

The nursing care that patients received in ICU Patient Care BD is discussed below. Even if they occasionally had trouble remembering their designated nurses' names, the majority of patients had nothing but positive things to say about the ICU personnel as a whole and the treatment they got. For many patients, the care was "great," and the nurses were kind, upbeat, competent, and composed. Many patients talked about pleasant moments they had while receiving intensive care, such as birthday celebrations. One guy remembered how the nurses arranged for him to see his dogs while out of the ICU Patient Home Care BD in the hopes that this would aid in his recovery. Get an ambulance from here.

Baby Care At Home

We also have a childcare facility where kids are cared for in small groups by professional workers. In this setting, your child's preschool education consists solely of playing with other children
singing songs. In some circumstances, we also provide prestigious private schools.
If you want to enroll your extremely young children in our childcare facility, schedule a brief appointment and speak with one of our staff members.Take a look at all the amenities and services 
provided, and see how they interact with the children. Additionally, you may discover checklists online that provide you with the 
questions to ask. This will allow you to choose the top daycare. facilities in Mirpur and Gulshan, respectively, in Dhaka.

Old Age Care At Home BD.

Elder care, also known as elderly care, is intended to meet the particular needs of senior persons who require assistance with their daily tasks. There are several services involved, including seeking help, adult daycare, nursing care, home care, hospice care, and long-term care. Globally, "elderly care" appears to have broad connotations, some of which have already been stated. We provide inhabitants of Bangladesh specialized senior care at various stages. Aging is not the only factor that necessitates eldercare.A person with a variety of illnesses or physical issues may provide senior care at home. Israt Care Givers is an elderly residence in Dhaka.The good news is that you may receive the required service at your house.  

Doctor Home Service

Our institution will assign you a physician or specialist who specializes in treating your medical issue when the home-based help you require begins with receiving a diagnosis. When you are suffering, our qualified caregiver will discuss your symptoms with you, do the appropriate tests, and make a diagnosis. The final instructions for your treatment will be given to the next caregiver in line based on your preferred course of action and, of course, after previous consultation to determine how much of it your insurance will cover. In order to give you the best care possible, our doctors will regularly check in with you and compile comparison reports. They will do this in a manner that reflects their professional knowledge while still being kind and courteous.