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Nutrition Home Service BD.

Maisha Care Limited is providing Nutrition Diet Plan Food Safety Service. In this service conducted by our dietitian, you are getting proper food-related guidance for the patient. In addition, our team goes to your home or hospital and provides food to the patient as per the doctor’s guidance.If you want to avail of other services of Maisha Care Limited including Nutrition Diet Plan Food Safety Service for your acquaintances, relatives, or sick patients, please contact us now. Nutrition Home Service BD.

Dietetics and Nutrition | Objectives of Our Department.


• To provide the highest quality nutrition care and dietetic services

• To develop effective therapies and new treatments, using evidence-based practice

• Prevent or reverse nutritional deficiencies

• Help patient better tolerate treatment

• Minimize nutrition related side effects and complication

• Maintain strength and energy

• Protect immune function and decrease the risk of infection.

• Aid in recovery and healing.

• Maximize the quality of life

Out-patient dietetics services help in wider use of dietary counseling and serve to extend and clarify diet instructions and have follow-ups.

• We assess the patient

• We calculate the daily calorie requirement and other nutrient intake

• We make daily meal plan for the patient according to their height, weight, age and based on their disease condition

• Dietician explains the meal plan and counsels the patients

• Dietician educates the patients about dietary restrictions (do’s and don’ts), if required

 Dietician provides diet booklets/charts to the patients as per their need.

We provide diet counseling for dietary management of:

• Nutrition management of infancy

• Nutrition management of pre-school children

• Nutrition management of Special Child

• Nutrition management of school children

• Nutrition management of adolescents

• Nutrition management of adults

• Nutrition management of pregnant and lactating women

• Diabetic diet and calorie controlled diet

• Diet for renal disease

• Nutrition management of chronic renal failure

• Nutrition management of acute renal failure

• Nutrition management of nephrotic syndrome

• Diet for heart disease

• Diet for gastrointestinal disorders

• Diet for liver disease

• Paediatric nutrition

• Nutrition management in burn patients

• Nutrition management in cancer patients

• Sports nutrition

• Dietary management of obesity and underweight etc.

We also provide modified diet chart for every disease:

• Dash diet chart (dietary approaches to stop hypertension)

• Diet chart for kidney diseases (every stage of kidney and renal calculus)

• Diet chart for liver diseases (every stage of liver and hepatic coma)

• Anemia prevention of nutritional deficiencies diet chart

• Diet chart for electrolyte imbalance

• Diet chart for inborn errors metabolism

• Gluten free diet chart

• Lactose controlled diet chart

• Nutrition management of food hypersensitivities

• Diet chart for arthritis etc.