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How do you get a nurse for a patient? patient Nursing Care At home. Nursing Agency BD.

Home care services in Dhaka। Online nurse service.

The skilled team of Maisha Care Limited is always active with Nursing Care at Home service. We have the skill and trained Patient Care Attendants and Diploma / B.Sc. Nurses who will provide 8/12/24 hours of service at the patient home in the hospital. We send two types of nurses to serve patients.
 1) Diploma and B.Sc. Nurse/ Brother
 2) Patient Care Attendant. Short meaning called PCA.
 3) Paramedical.
Diploma and B.Sc. Nurse: - Diploma and B.Sc. nurse/Brother means those with an academic certificate. Diploma and B.Sc. nurses/ Brothers is salary a little more. There are two types of nurses:  1) Senior Staff Nurse  2) Junior Staff Nurse.  In this case, the fee is a little more or less.

PCA: -  PCA mean those with no academic certificates. A nurse does, and a PCA ( means Patient Care Attendant) does. There are two types of PCA ( means Patient Care Attendant): 1) Senior Staff PCA 2) Junior Staff PCA. In this case, the fee is a little more or less.

This service includes being able to perform a doctor's prescription blood test, X-ray, ultrasound or various scans. Even doctors cannot treat a patient without this test report. Those who work in this category are called paramedics. The name of this course is Paramedical Course. You will get so much from us. You can also provide a paramedical caregiver for a patient in your home or hospital.

You get that benefit from us:- Nursing Service At home.

Our Service

 Nursing Home Service​ .
 Patient Care Attendant Home Service​ .  
 Physiotherapy Home Service​.    

 Doctor Home visit​.   

 Old Age Care At Home.​  
 Maternity Care At Home.​   

 ICU Patient Care At Home.
 Palliative Patient Care At Home. ​ 
 Dementia Patient Care At Home.​ 
 Mental Condition service. ​  

 Neonatal care. ​  

 Oxygen Support​.  

 Ambulance Service. ​  
 Neuro Patient Care home Service. ​ 
 Baby Care At Home. ​  
 Surgical And Medical Equipment Home Service.

Nursing Agency । If you want to take a n​urse or PCA then you have to give the following benefits: -

 Nurse/brothers are engaged in the service of your family’s love ones so please treat them well.

 Please refrain from doing personal work with them without the assigned patient works.

 The patient will be given medicine only after giving you permission.

 During the day's work (8/12 hours) should be given, breakfast and lunch ‍and dinner should be given during night work             (8/12 hours). 
 Nurses or patient caregivers cannot be hired directly without informing the office authorities.

 No personal dealings can be made with nurses or patient caregivers. 

 Please inform the company any kind of irregularity and negligence on service of any kind of allegations against them.

Our Nursing Service । Home nursing service in Bangladesh। Nursing care Home BD । Nursing care BD

Nurse provider agency। Old care home in Bangladesh.

Welcome to Maisha Care Ltd
Our services
1. Patient Care (Home Service)
2. Medicine Services (Home Delivery)
3. Medical Equipment (Home Delivery)
Home nursing service in Bangladesh। Nursing care home BD. Nursing care BD.

Are you looking for a faithful servant / nurse or nanny to take care of your parents or your child at home?
You are not able to take proper care of them and ensure their health due to your busy schedule?
Then one of our nurses will be responsible for the constant care / health care of your sick parent / child and you can rest assured.
You can hire one of our Diploma Nurse / Expert Nurse / Patient Care for 8/12/24 hours.
We provide services:
 Old and sick people.
 Proper care of the baby..
 Parallelized person.
 Stroke patients.
Lame / blind.
 Dementia patient.
 Post operative patient.
 ICU return patient.
 CCU return patient.
 People with a mental imbalance
 People injured in an accident

Home nursing service in Bangladesh।Best home care BD.

In-home nursing services provide the care that elderly, injured, and disabled individuals need to age and recover in the familiar surroundings of home. We are Maisha Care LTD, understand that coordinating care for a loved one is stressful for family members. But with Maisha Care LTD, we can help alleviate that stress. We will go out of our way to provide top-quality nursing services in the home and provide peace of mind for all. The process is simple. Our registered and certified nurses will conduct a complete medical evaluation. We’ll work with the case’s current medical platoon to produce an individualised treatment plan that everybody will understand and follow. For our nursing staff, we do not only want to give top-notch care with compassion but we want to keep sanitarium visits to a bare minimum. Our skilled nursing team includes home health aides who provide services under the supervision of clinical staff on short-term basis and help with personal care needs including bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring and walking.​Home nursing service in Bangladesh।Best home care BD.

Home care services in Dhaka। Online nurse service.

Home nursing service in Bangladesh। Best home care BD.

We take care to meet the improved needs of your loved ones at home to improve their health and happiness. Traditional internal care allows your loved ones to get the help they need without sacrificing their freedom. If your loved one is healthy, you may be able to meet his or her needs, but if you are ill, you can hire a caregiver/nurse to help provide them with the help they need. However, there are times . Home care services in Dhaka। Online nurse service.

Nurse provider agency। Old care home in Bangladesh.

Get the Help You Need
Overcome health challenges that may be slowing you down. Improve your quality of life. Call Maisha Care LTD today for more information about in-home nursing services or to schedule an appointment. A representative is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.​Nurse provider agency। Old care home in Bangladesh. Nursing home care bd.

Nursing Agency BD। Nursing Agency । Nursing Home Care BD.

We Provide best Nursing service in Bangladesh  is one of the significant Nursing Service  in the home. If you want to take care of your patient in the home by an expert and professional nurse then you need this service. In our busy lives, we have enough time to take care of our beloved patient daily.

That’s why we need this service from a professional home care.We Provide Best Nursing Home Service in Bangladesh:Maisha Care Limited.  is the best and very professional for nursing home care in Bangladesh.  We have lots of experience in providing nursing home care in Bangladesh.  Our professional team is ready for non-stop home nursing service. We appoint or give a nurse depending on the patient condition. Our expert management takes proper observation of the nurse service. Also, all our nurses are very friendly and we trained, Maisha Care Limited.Why You Choose Our Home Service ?We know proper take care is the main issue for a good nurse. For home service, the nurse should be good and professional.

So that she can give proper service with adorable care. We follow this system. So if you take our nursing home care service, you will be satisfied.  We are also providing oxygen cylinder service for our home patients. So, our nurses can control any emergency problem.Are you thinking about the price?Misha Home Care Givers  is providing the best nursing at an affordable price. All our services are at cheap price to make our clients and patients happy. We want to give adorable service to our patients.  So, no need to take over pressure about the price, get Nursing Home Care BD service from Maisha Care Limited.

Our Service Area:At present we are providing home service in the Dhaka city. Especially in the Basundhara R/A, Baridhara, Gulshan - 1, Gulshan- 02, Banani, Mohakhali area. We are offering monthly, weekly or longer-term service. So, we are waiting for your reply or feel free to contact us. We will respond instantly, Maisha Care Limited.