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Nursing Care BD:

We Provide best  service in Bangladesh  is one of the significant Nursing Service  in the home. If you want to take care of your patient in the home by an expert and professional nurse then you need this service. In our busy lives, we have enough time to take care of our beloved patient daily.

That’s why we need this service from a professional home care.We Provide Best Home Service in Bangladesh:Maisha Care Limited.  is the best and very professional for nursing  care in Bangladesh.  We have lots of experience in providing nursing home care in Bangladesh.  Our professional team is ready for non-stop home nursing service. We appoint or give a nurse depending on the patient condition. Our expert management takes proper observation of the nurse service. Also, all our nurses are very friendly and we trained, Maisha Care Limited.Why You Choose Our Home Service ?We know proper take care is the main issue for a good nurse. For home service, the nurse should be good and professional.

So that she can give proper service with adorable care. We follow this system. So if you take our nursing home care service, you will be satisfied.  We are also providing oxygen cylinder service for our home patients. So, our nurses can control any emergency problem.Are you thinking about the price?Misha Home Care Givers  is providing the best nursing at an affordable price. All our services are at cheap price to make our clients and patients happy. We want to give adorable service to our patients.  So, no need to take over pressure about the price, get Nursing Care BD service from Maisha Care Limited.

Our Service Area:At present we are providing home service in the Dhaka city. Especially in the Basundhara R/A, Baridhara, Gulshan - 1, Gulshan- 02, Banani, Mohakhali area. We are offering monthly, weekly or longer-term service. So, we are waiting for your reply or feel free to contact us. We will respond instantly, Maisha Care Limited.

Some of Our Services:  Nursing Care At HomeCovid-Non Covid Patient, Patient Care Attendant Home ServiceCovid-Non Covid Patient, Physiotherapy Home Service, Oxygen Cylinder Home Service, Surgical Items Home Service, Doctor Home Visit, Neuro Patient Care Home Service, Baby Care At Home, Old Age Care At Home, Ambulance Service, Physical & Emotional Issues Management, Caring Traumatic Injuries & Palliative Care, Managing Dementia, Parkinson & Alzheimer’s disease patients, First Aid & Emergencies, Common Elderly Physical & Mental Conditions, Pregnancy, Maternity & Neonatal Care, Provide Care and Support to Elderly & Caring Multiple Disabilities, Nutrition, Diet Plan & Food Safety, House Keeping Service, Training Centre.
Our Other Products:  Oxygen Cylinder, Wheelchair, 2 Function Manual Hospital Bed, Bipap Machine, Tharmoscaner, Food Trolley, Medicine Trolley, Oxygen Concentrator, Five Function Electric Hospital Bed, Suction Machine, Sugar Machine, Brain Circuit, Ambu Bag, Wheelchair with commode, Walker, Dolphin Messenger, IRR Machine, ECG-Machine, Ventilator, Hot Water beg, Air Mattress, Digital BP Machine, Manual BP Machine, Nebulizer Machine, Cpap Machine, Cardiac Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, Electric Hospital Bed 3 Function, Oxygen Cylinder Equipment, Face Mask, Vibrator Infrared Blood Circulation Massager, Streamer, Cool Water beg, Abdominal belt, Elbow bag, 3 Function Manual Hospital Bed, Deluxe Commode Wheelchair, Hand Stick, Cress, Urometer, Urine beg, plain seizer, Artery forceps, Digital weight machine, cotton role, Surgery gauze, Examination Gloves, Surgical GlovesMedicine Crusher, Gulli pots, Kidney Tray, Suction Catheter, Foley Catheter, Toomey Syringe, Ng Tube.