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Nursing support on-demand

Nursing Support On-Demand 

Through Diploma / BSc Nurses we provide ​​Nursing Support On-Demand home services for Emergency patients, our skilled and trained nurses will come to your home to do all kinds of work, including all types of IV cannula, insulin, saline, IV and IM injection. , All kinds of dressing, catheterized, NG tube, blood pressure monitor, blood sugar test, etc.

Our emergency team is ready 24/7 to provide services to the sick and elderly parents and relatives in your home. We provide services to all the patients at home.

✅ Nursing care for the elderly and the sick,
✅ Nursing care for stroke patients,
✅ Dementia patient nursing care,
✅ Post operative patient nursing care,
✅ ICU patient care,
✅ Nursing care for the mentally unbalanced,
✅ Nursing care at the home or hospital of the person injured in the accident.
✅  All types of physiotherapy are given at home by trained and skilled physiotherapists.
✅ Medical Equipment Home Delivery:
✅ Hospital bed,
Oxygen cylinder sale and rental,
✅ Blood pressure machine,
✅ Diabetes machine,
✅ Digital blood pressure machine,
✅ Nebulizer machines,
✅ Suction machine, wheelchair,
✅ All types of medical equipment including airmtress are provided at home.

One call home support in Bangladesh.
Measure blood pressure, pulse, fever, blood sugar, respiration, etc. at the right time.
Take the right medicine at the right time, in the right amount, according to the doctor's advice. (By mouth / injection / NG tube / toilet passage).
Wake up and clean your face and take care of your eyes.
Take a bath at the right time. Take care of hands, feet and back.
Eat the right amount at the right time. If you can't eat by mouth, you will try to feed again and again by NG tube or any other means.
Sit or lie down in the way the patient feels comfortable.
Will help to walk back and always be on the side with utmost care.

Nursing Support On-Demand 

Your loved one has regularly scheduled PSW visits from the LIHN but today nobody showed up. You are already at work and now feeling totally helpless. Your parents have scheduled care daily, but outside of the service window you get a call from your mother who had a toileting accident. Your MS or other chronic condition has flared up.  You had a long list of house chores that you cannot complete now without assistance.

Patient care home service। Home care BD । Best home care bd.

Services provided by health care providers, personal service workers or volunteer agencies are considered home care, while those provided by friends, family or neighbours are considered informal care or caregiving. This study focuses on home care services, which can be further grouped into home health care (HHC) services and support services. Health professionals typically deliver HHC services including nursing care, other health care services such as physiotherapy, occupational or speech therapy, or nutritional counselling, and help with medical equipment or supplies. HHC services are usually delivered through publicly funded home care programs, but they can also be purchased privately. Support services are provided by public home care programs, private companies and volunteer agencies. They help people with daily tasks such as bathing, meal preparation, housekeeping and transportation and may be covered by a mix of public and private sources. Understanding the differences in factors associated with unmet home care needs by type is relevant to program planning and delivery.

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