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Through Old Age Home Care, Maisha Care Limited is ensuring full care and care for elderly and sick patients. Our skilled and trained maids and nurses team is coming to your home or hospital 8/12/24 hours with full service. Old age care at home BD.
You can safely take our old age home care to take care of your elderly relatives or sick parents. Contact us to get more services with this service. 

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Loneliness is alweys hard. Because people cannot be alone. MAISHA CARE LTD Provide ​Old Age Care BD.Old age care at  home bd.
Taking a Old Age Care Dhaka Bangladesh class during pregnancy can prepare caregivers for the real thing. But feeding and diapering a Old man isn’t quite the same. During the stay in a hospital or birthing center, clinicians and nurses help with basic Old Age Care. These health providers will demonstrate basic infant care. Old Age Care basics include:
Changing diapers
Feeding and burping
Caring for a healing circumcision

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Before leaving the hospital , ask about home visits by a nurse or health care worker. Many new parents appreciate somebody checking in with them and their  Old age care Dhaka Bangladesh a few days after coming home. If breastfeeding, a mother can ask whether a lactation consultant visit in the home to provide follow-up support, as well as providing other resources in the community, such as peer support groups.Many first-time parents also welcome the help of a family member or friend who has “been there.” Having a support person stay with the newborn for a few days can give the mother the confidence to go at it alone in the weeks ahead. This can be to arranged before delivery.The Old age care Dhaka Bangladesh first doctor’s visit is another good time to ask about any infant care questions. Parents can ask about reasons to call the doctor and about what vaccines Old man needs and when. Young children need vaccines because the diseases they protect against can strike at an early age and can be very dangerous in Old man. This includes rare diseases and more common ones, such as the flu. If you want to Old Age Care BD Service for your acquaintances, please contact us now .
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As people age, they have a need for constant companionship. If you and your family cannot provide the level of companionship to best benefit your elderly loved one, you can turn to home care services. A professional that provides in-home senior care can help your loved one with a variety of tasks, aside from anything related to their health or wellness.
Common Tasks
Paperwork – Assist with paying bills, writing letters, making lists, handling subscriptions and even clipping coupons
Exercise for the Brain – Help with brain exercises including simple crosswords, word searches or card games to keep the brain stimulated
Minor Household Chores – Water the plants, help choose clothing items, dust, vacuum, change linens and obtain the mail
Meals – Assist with meal planning, preparation, shopping for the ingredients, organizing the pantry and watching food expiration dates
The right in-home senior care professional can provide just about any non-medical need your loved one might have including any social, household or personal tasks that they can no longer handle. It is important to help your loved ones retain their independence for as long as possible. With the right home care services, they can feel independent without too much pressure from family or loved ones trying to take over the tasks themselves.