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Biochemistry Analyzer

Price:৳ 150,000.00 ৳ 120,000.00


  • Wavelength:                               7 standard filters, 340, 405, 492, 510, 546, 578, 630nm, 1 free position
  • Wavelength precision:                 ±2nm, width≤ 10nm
  • Absorbance range:                       0~4.500 Abs
  • Absorbance precision:                outside 0.0001 Abs, inside 0.00001 Abs
  • Carryover:                                     <1%
  • Repeatability CV:                        <1%
  • Incubator:                                      37℃, 30℃, 25℃, and others, Precision: ±0.1℃
  • Sample volume:                             0~3000ul( 500ul recommend)
  • Data Storage: 10000
  • Quality control curve:                  X SD CV% L-J quality control curve for each test item
  • Flow cell:                                        32 ul quartz glass, 10mm
  • Lamp:                                              Philips 6V 10W Halogen Lamp with the longer lifetime
  • Screen:                                           7-inch color LCD
  • CPU:                                              ARM series high-speed micro CPU
  • Printer:                                        Internal thermal sensitive printer
  • Interface: RS-232
  • Work Environment:                  Temperature 0℃~40℃,
  • Humidity: 80%
  • Power supply:                             100~240VAC, 50~60Hz, 100VA
  • Dimension                                  : L340mm* W270mm*H160mm
  • Net Weight:                                 5KG
  • Weight:                                        :10.5KG

Biochemistry Analyzer Price in Dhaka Specification:

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Item-535 is a semi-automatic chemistry analyzer with a minimum sample volume requirement of 0~3000μL and large onboard memory for storing 10,000 test sample results. Other features include 80 pre-programmed test items, a 7-inch color-LCD touchscreen, a real-time curve display, and a light source hibernate function for long lamp life.

Biochemistry Analyzer Price in Dhaka.

Test mode: Kinetic, Endpoint, Two Point, Absorbance

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