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Commode Chair (Portable Folding)

Price:৳ 2,600.00 ৳ 2,500.00
2 Kg
Weight Capacity
120 Kg
Mild Steel
Not Movable
15 x 15 Inch

Portable Folding Commode Chair price in BD

Portable Folding Commode Chair price in Dhaka, Bangladesh. These chairs look like RFL commode chair. RFL commode chair. Our products are excellent. This product is quality and standard. You will not be cheated by buying this product. A commode chair, sometimes known as a commode in British English, is a specific kind of chair used by people who require assistance using the restroom because of disease, accident, or handicap. Sometimes commode chairs have wheels for ease of mobility in the restroom or shower. The majority of toilet chairs feature flip-back armrests and a retractable bucket. The close stool and the chamber pot were historically related pieces of equipment. In the 18th century, these gave way to the commode chair, also known as the chamber chair and essential chair.

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