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Medicine Crusher

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Product Specification:

Packaging TypeBox
Thickness5-20 mm
Outside Diameter10-35 mm
Inside Diameter165 mm
Production Capacity250

Medicine Crusher

Medicine Crusher Price in Bangladesh is eloquently designed with a dynamic crushing and grinding movement to without problems supply finely overwhelmed medicinal drug from the pinnacle down. It is a revolutionary, wonderful twist tablet crusher and grinder presenting an ergonomic, clean-to-grip and twist layout. There isn’t anyt any want to unscrew the pinnacle to test development or retrieve medicines! Retrieving overwhelmed medicinal drug is simplified with the aid of using the pinnacle down method wherein overwhelmed medicinal drug is sifted and funneled via patterned slots into the clear, clean-view backside serving cup.

  • Comfortable anti-slip rubber grip. Medicine Crusher Price in Bangladesh
  • Easy twin movement crushing and grinding.
  • Exclusive pinnacle down crushing into serving cup.
  • Free spin, pepper grinder movement, supplies great powder.
  • Safe! BPA, latex-unfastened and FDA compliant materials.
  • Built-in garage with hinged lid.

THE FIRST OF ITS KIND hand held twist tablet crusher that permits medicinal drug to be added in ways: 1. Into the snap-on backside serving med cup. 2. Directly right into a 1 ounces disposable med cup.Medicine Crusher Price in Bangladesh

Medicine Crusher Price in Bangladesh

FREE SPIN – Unlike conventional twist crushers which prevent crushing while the pinnacle is screwed tight towards the lowest, MAXGRIND, Medicine Crusher BD functions a completely unique screw layout which maintains to grind medicinal drug while tightened. Once the pinnacle is screwed right all the way down to first of all wreck and weigh down drugs, a easy opposite twist then slight strain at the pinnacle permits the grinding floor to freely spin just like a pepper grinder, persevering with to grind medicines with none resistance and with overall ease.Medicine Crusher Price in Bangladesh

Ridges at the grinding floor offer fast, twin movement crushing and grinding with minimum residue left at the back of. Uniquely fashioned and spaced ridges at the pinnacle crushing floor each weigh down and grind medicines right into a great powder this is sifted/funneled into the lowest serving cup. These ridges are designed in order that powder is driven out and funneled via the crusher properly slots into the lowest serving cup, leaving much less residue at the back of which guarantees a greater whole dose, Medicine Crusher BD.Medicine Crusher Price in Bangladesh

Internal Cleaning Feature – If you still unfastened spin withinside the upright function after crushing is whole, air circulates in the crusher blowing remaining powder into the lowest cup, ensuing in minimum medicinal drug stays at the grinding floor and withinside the crushing properly.Medicine Crusher Price in Bangladesh


snap on serving cup permits clean viewing and series of overwhelmed medicinal drug. Cup may be used as a serving cup to combine in and devour from without delay or the overwhelmed medicinal drug may be without problems emptied over into meals or drink or some other container. Easy to combine and use with a ordinary spoon.Medicine Crusher Price in Bangladesh

Top Pill Storage Compartment with Hinged Lid – Great for storing drugs while traveling.

Comfortable and clean to grip anti-slip symmetrical layout – Ergonomic layout and clean to grip rubberized cloth offer consolation while crushing and resource withinside the twisting effort.Medicine Crusher Price in Bangladesh

Easy View Snap-On Bottom Serving Cup – Can be used as a mini bowl.

  • Multiple Pills Can Be Crushed At One Time: MAXGRIND’s clever crushing floor and layout permits crushing and grinding of a couple of drugs at once.Medicine Crusher Price in Bangladesh with minimum effort.
  • Easy Maintenance: After the inner cleansing characteristic enables launch most powder into the medicine cup, MAXGRIND may be rinsed with water for clean cleansing and education for subsequent use.
  • Dimensions: 3-3/8”L x 2-3/16”W

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