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Air Mattress

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Applicationsfor hospital beds
Technologylow air loss
Size90×200 cm
Weight capacity135 kg (297.6 lb)
Thickness0.4 mm (0 in)


  • alternating treatments two to one on a bubble mattress
  • adjustable hangers for most types of beds
  • PVC with medical-grade toughness
  • Flags for stabilization extensions
  • Excellent-quality pump
  • adjusting the weight indication’s pressure
  • Time for cycling: 6 minutes
  • Low noise and nearly silent
  • for the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers in low-risk individuals.

Technical Information:

  • Voltage: 10% of AC-220V
  • 50 Hertz plus one hertz.
  • VOLUME: 50 dB (A)
  • WORKING MODE: Constant.

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Air Mattress price in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The varying alternate pressure Our best-selling premium mattress system, the Air Mattress, is perfect for treating stage 1-2 beds. Ores offers outstanding adjustable pressure therapy with its alternating pressure device. It is frequently used in nursing homes and has an adjustable pump that lets you change the pad’s stiffness and softness. The twin bed or typical medical bed frame can be placed over the alternating pressure pad. The patient’s body receives pressure relief and increased blood flow thanks to alternate pressure therapy.

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