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Alcohol pad

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Hospital, Home, Laboratory & Clinic Usages
Country of Origin
Made in India
50+/-2 mm
Should be free from holes, tear, dent, burr, improper cutting, leakage & smudge

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100 alcohol prep pads for cleaning Use
each foil-shielded for comfort
70 percent isopropyl alcohol for the best antibacterial effect
The four-layer packaging creates an airtight seal to stop leaks and drying out.
The BD Alcohol Swab ensures reliable site preparation for secure, sanitary insulin injections because it is thicker and softer than some other swabs. Alcohol Swab is also great for a variety of other domestic uses.

For use at home, alcohol swabs are advertised as non-sterile.

Our manufacturing facility in Holdrege, Nebraska, USA, produces Alcohol Swab. This facility adheres to the US FDA Quality System Regulation and Quality Systems requirements and has a robust quality system.

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