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Cardiac Monitor

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Parameters SPO2
Model pm-12d
Made in  China
Pulse Rate Range 20-254bpm
ECG Lead Mode 5 lead
Heart Rate Range 15-380 bpm
NIBP Mode  Auto
ECG Lead Selection  3
ECG Waveform  5 Channels
Apnea Alarm   Yes
NIBP Measurement range     10-300mmHg
SPO2 Measurement Range     0-100%

Cardiac Monitor price in BD Description

Cardiac Monitor price in BD. Our products are excellent.  You can buy our products online anytime. Patient Monitor price in BD.In order to evaluate a patient’s state in relation to their cardiac rhythm, cardiac monitoring generally refers to the continuous or intermittent monitoring of heart activity. Electrocardiography, a noninvasive procedure that records the electrical activity of the heart and displays it in an electrocardiogram, is typically used for cardiac monitoring.

Hemodynamic monitoring, which tracks blood pressure and flow within the circulatory system, is distinct from this. For patients with serious heart conditions, the two could be applied simultaneously. For cardiac monitoring in ambulatory patients (those who are healthy enough to move around), a small, wearable device such as a Holter monitor, a wireless ambulatory ECG, or an implanted loop recorder is used. In an emergency room scenario, cardiac monitoring largely focuses on monitoring arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, and the QT interval. The American College of Cardiology Emergency Cardiac Care Committee devised a scoring system that divides it into one of three classes:

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