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Accu-Chek Active Glucose Monitor

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  • Large and easy-to-read display.
  • In- or out-of-meter for simple and comfortable testing.
  • Safety features include underdosing alerts, re-dose option in 10 seconds, and test strip expiration warnings
  • The visual double check lets you see your recent test result.
  • Post-meal alert reminds you to test 2 hours after eating.
  • Pre-meal and post-meal markers are available.
  • 500 test results are stored in memory.
  • See averages of all blood test results over 7, 14, 30 and 90 days.
  • Fulfills 100 % of the accuracy requirements of DIN EN ISO 15197:2003.1
  • Date and time are preset for faster setup.
  • Changing the battery doesn’t mean losing the date and time settings.
  • Transfer data from the meter to your PC using a USB cable. You will need an Accu-Chek diabetes management
  • solution on the PC to analyze the data.

Sugar Machine price in Bangladesh.

Diabetes Machine Price in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Price of Accu Chek Diabetes Equipment in Bangladesh | Accu Chek Diabetes Equipment Price of the Accu Chek Diabetes Machine in Bangladesh. With the Accu Chek Active Blood Glucose Tester’s variable dosing, users can decide whether to test with the test strip already in the meter or by applying the blood to the strip first. Results are available 20 seconds after applying blood. This Accu-Chek REF-BG-201 blood glucose meter is convenient to use every day, has a small design, and provides accurate results.  It has a 2-minute automatic shut-off timer when not in use, up to 4 daily alarm reminders, a 3-volt lithium power supply battery, an approximate weight of 59g with the battery, and dimensions of 94 (L) x 52 (W) x 21 (H).

Diabetes Machine, also known as a glucose meter or blood glucose monitor, is a crucial device for individuals with diabetes to manage their blood sugar levels. It provides accurate and real-time measurements of blood glucose levels, allowing individuals to monitor and adjust their treatment accordingly.

If you are in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and looking for a diabetes machine, it’s important to choose a reliable and high-quality device. Here is some information to guide you in your search.

The price of a diabetes machine in Dhaka, Bangladesh can vary depending on the brand, features, and technology. Basic models start at around 1,000 BDT, while more advanced models with additional features may cost upwards of 5,000 BDT. It’s important to consider factors such as accuracy, ease of use, test strip availability, and data management capabilities when selecting a diabetes machine.

When purchasing a diabetes machine, look for reputable brands such as Accu-Chek, OneTouch, or Glucometer. These brands are known for their accuracy and reliability in blood glucose monitoring. It’s also advisable to check if the device comes with a warranty and after-sales support for any technical issues that may arise.

To use a diabetes machine, individuals need to obtain blood samples by pricking their finger with a lancet. The blood sample is then applied to a test strip, which is inserted into the machine. Within seconds, the device provides a blood glucose reading, allowing individuals to make informed decisions about their diabetes management.

In Dhaka, you can find diabetes machines at medical equipment stores, pharmacies, or you can opt for online purchase from reputable suppliers. It’s recommended to compare prices, read customer reviews, and ensure the authenticity of the product before making a purchase.

Proper diabetes management involves regular monitoring of blood glucose levels, along with a healthy lifestyle and adherence to medical advice. Consult with a healthcare professional for guidance on the appropriate usage and frequency of testing with your diabetes machine.

In conclusion, a diabetes machine is an essential tool for individuals with diabetes to monitor their blood sugar levels accurately. Prices in Dhaka, Bangladesh vary depending on brand and features. Choose a reliable device from reputable brands, and always follow proper testing procedures and medical guidance for effective diabetes management.

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