Maisha Care Limited

Elbow Crutches Sticks

Price:৳ 850.00 ৳ 800.00
Weight400 to 500 gram
Neck ShapeRound
Is It AdjustableAdjustable
Usage/ApplicationMedically used
Height4 Feet

How to use your Elbow Crutches Sticks price in BD or two walking sticks

Elbow Crutches Sticks price in BD and two walking sticks are used by a variety of people for different reasons such as: If you are recovering from injuries requiring partial weight-bearing through the injured limb.

How to use

  • Ensure your arms are secured in the cuff if using crutches.
  • Place both crutches/walking sticks one step in front of you.
  • Move your affected leg forward level with the crutches/walking sticks.
  • Step to or through with the other leg.
  • Do not place your crutches/walking sticks too far in front of you, or too far out to the side.

Sitting down

  • Turn until you feel the chair against the back of both legs.
  • Release your arms from the cuff if using crutches.
  • Put the crutches/walking sticks down close to you.
  • Place your hands on the arms of the chair, bend forward, and slowly lower yourself into the chair.


  • Only attempt the stairs yourself if you feel safe, otherwise ask someone to help you.
  • Place one hand on the handrail and the crutches/walking sticks in the other hand.
  • You may wish to use the “T” hold. This will have been demonstrated to you by your physiotherapist if appropriate.


  • Step up with your good leg, followed by your affected leg onto the same step.
  • The crutches/sticks are the last to move up a level with your feet.


  • Place your crutches or walking sticks safely on the lower step keeping them away from the edge.
  • Step down with the affected leg.
  • Follow with the good leg onto the same step.
  • Make sure you place the whole foot onto the step.
  • Always take your time.