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Hospital bed Manual 2 Function

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Brand Manual Fowler Bed
Type Manual Fowler
Size/Dimension 2050-2100 mm x 900-960 mm x 500 mm
Head Or Foot End Panel Material High-Quality Engineering Plastic
Frame Material ABS
Castor Locking System 125 MM
Back Rest Tilt Yes
Knee Rest Tilt Yes
Usage/Application Yes
Minimum Order Quantity 1
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 Product Description  of Hospital bed Manual 2 Function

Hospital bed Manual 2 Function price in Dhaka. Two Function  Hospital beds have functioned as follows: whole bed body lift up and down with balance, backside lifts up and down, leg bends and extends, legs lift up and down, etc. By adjusting the bed body’s lifting, users enable the bed to meet different nursing requirements; by changing the backside and leg, the user makes himself, or herself sit or lie comfortably to feel relaxed and at ease. Hospital bed Manual 2 Function price in Dhaka.

The electric care bed backboard is matched with a double-support direct bottom rail to guarantee patient safety with high supportability. Castor is designed to break with good steadiness in order to meet different sickrooms’ requirements. The head and footboard can be detachable easily.


Wheels make it simple to move the bed around the room or the area of the facility where it is positioned. For patient care, it may occasionally be required to move the bed a few inches or a few feet.

It is possible to lock the wheels. Transferring a patient in or out of bed can be done safely by locking the wheels.


The head, foot, and complete height of a bed can be raised and lowered. On older beds, this is accomplished with cranks that are often located at the foot of the bed, but on contemporary beds, this feature is electronic. A semi-electric bed contains two motors, one to lift the head and the other to elevate the foot, whereas a fully electric bed has numerous electrical functions today. The Fowler’s position, which involves raising the head, has certain advantages for the patient, the staff, or both. The Fowler’s position is used to prop the patient up so they may eat or perform other tasks. In some cases, it can also make breathing easier, and it may also be advantageous for the patient for other reasons.

Raising the patient’s feet can make it easier for them to move toward the headboard and may even be necessary in some circumstances. In order for the patient to get in and out of bed comfortably or for caregivers to work with the patient, the bed’s height can be raised and lowered.

Side guards

Side rails on beds can be adjusted in height. The buttons that staff and patients use to move the bed, contact the nurse, or even operate the television can be found on these rails, which protect the patient and occasionally help them feel more secure.

For various uses, side rails come in a variety of types. Others contain equipment that can assist the patient without physically confining them to bed, while others are solely designed to prevent patient falls.

Inadequately constructed side rails pose a risk for patient entrapment. Between 1985 and 2004, more than 300 deaths in the United States were attributed to this. Depending on local regulations and the policies of the facility where they are employed, use of the rails may occasionally require a doctor’s order because they may be viewed as a type of medical restraint.

an exit alarm for the bed

Many contemporary hospital beds are equipped with bed exit alarms that sound an auditory alert when a weight, such as a patient, is placed on a pressure pad on or in the mattress and activate the full alarm when that weight is removed. This is useful for hospital workers or caretakers keeping an eye on a large number of patients from a distance (like a nurse’s station), as the alert will sound if a patient—especially one who is elderly or has memory loss—falls out of bed or wanders off unattended. This alarm can be connected to the nurse call light, hospital phone, or paging system, or it can be broadcast alone from the bed.

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