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IRR Machine Philips

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Power:150 Watt
Flexibility:0-40 degrees (in reverse)
Treatment region:width of 20 cm
Timer setting:Up to 30 minute
Voltage:220-240 V
Recurrence:50-60 Hz
Insulation:Class II (twofold separation)
Lifetime of lamp:300 hour(s)
Line length:250 cm
Product measurements:21.2 x 16.0 x 21.5 cm
Product weight:1 kg
Cord length:250 cm


  1. Reflector shape allows concentrated heat to be applied where it is required.
  2. PAR38 has a 100% aluminized internal reflector, which implies that 100% of the heat leaves through the front.
  3. Exclusive design
  4. PAR38 has a little, round fiber, which likewise adds to more amassed heat in the pillar.
  5. Timer system
  6. Good balance between lifetime and heat output
  7. Red-hued lights to decrease visual light emanation and glare


Philips infrared lamps for healthcare and body care applications are designed for treating deep-seated muscular ailments and sports injuries. These incandescent reflector lamps are an amazing answer for giving localized heat treatment to relieve muscular pain. They can likewise be utilized to treat rheumatic ailments. This form of heat therapy has likewise been displayed to speed the healing of different kinds of injuries such as sports injuries and non-infected injuries, in many cases providing rapid and effective pain relief. The advantages of this form of heat therapy are based on privately enhanced blood dissemination in the skin brought about by the vasodilatory reaction. This results in an increased transport rate of metabolites and other essential biochemical compounds. Advantages are likewise gained by deeper infiltration of heat, which gives a delicate, pleasant warming impact.