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Oxygen Cylinder Rent BD

Full Set (One Oxygen Cylinder With Refill, One Flow Miter, One trolley,  One Nasal...


Oxygen Cylinder Rent System। Oxygen Cylinder Rent BD.

Oxygen cylinders are being rented from Maisha Care Ltd. Call us to get an emergency oxygen cylinder anytime from anywhere. Maisha Care Ltd’s skilled and trained team is at your service 24/7.

Oxygen cylinder rental price list

  • 7 days rent:  2500 Taka.
  • 15 days rent:  3500 Taka.
  • 1-month rent:  6500 Taka.
  • Refill Charge:  1000 Taka ( per refill). 

Maisha Care provides high-quality Oxygen Cylinder Rent BD at the best price. To get Oxygen Cylinder Rent please contact us.

If Confirm Home delivery in 60 minutes. Contact: Whatsapp: +8801718930914.


Oxygen cylinder Capacity। Oxygen Cylinder Rent BD.

Company :Linde / China
High:3 ft.
Weight:16 kg
Pressure:2000 Litters & 1.36 Cubic meters
  • If you use one litre, the Oxygen cylinder will last for 20 Hours. If you use two litres, the Oxygen cylinder will last for 10 Hours.
  • Free Home Delivery In Dhaka.
  • You will get oxygen cylinders at the best price.

Maisha Care Limited is the best company for Oxygen cylinders (Sales, Rent, Refill).

Like other best and trusted platforms, we provide Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery service all over Bangladesh with Dhaka.
Just choose the brand of cylinder you want from our list, and we will deliver it to you in the shortest time. Call us now to get a quality and top-brand oxygen cylinder. Oxygen cylinder rented and sold with a refill facility. Get more oxygen cylinder rental information, calls now emergency no:-01718930914.

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