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Oxygen Flow Meter

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Material PVC
Usage/Application Hospital
Display Analog
Flow Range 150 Litre/min
Accuracy +-1%
Output Pressure 0.2-0.3 MPa
Input Pressure 15 MPa

Oxygen Flow Meter Features:

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inhalers during use.

oxygen flowmeter oxygen flowmeter (1) FH-D-A-15-800600 (1) oxygen flow meter (13)

Brass body(Oxygen)


Brass body(Oxygen)


Brass body(Medical air)


Aluminum body(Oxygen) 

The correct way to use a medical gas flow meter

1. Add distilled water to humidify the bottle, the water level in the bottle is within the standard line. Prohibit the use of saline instead.

2. Screw the nut of the flow meter onto the gas outlet fitting of the medical gas cylinder valve, the pressure gauge, and flow meter should be in a vertical position.

3. Before supplying oxygen or medical air, insert the gas tube into the inlet, and then the counterclockwise direction to turn the flow adjustment switch to open the gas source so that the floats slowly rise. The scale line on the floating ball is the flow reading, the unit is L/min, and the medical gas supply can be adjusted according to the need.

4. In the process of gas supply, if the water in the bottle of the medical gas flow meter is lower than the water level line, the flow control switch should be closed in time and the humidifier bottle should be unscrewed. Add distilled water according to the first item. Then screw on the humidifier bottle to continue the gas supply. Oxygen Regulator Price in BD.

5. If the flow meter is not used, the flow meter gas source should be turned off. If it needs to be removed, hold the flow meter by hand and remove it. Then pour the bottle of water for cleaning and disinfection, stored in a non-corrosive and well-ventilated room. Oxygen Regulator Price in BD.


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