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Suction Machine

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Input voltageAC220V±10%
Input frequency50Hz±2%
Average power consumption90VA
Negative Pressure Valuemore than 0.075Mpa
Pump rating18L/min
Continuous working timemore than 30 min
Rest timeless than 30 min
Noiseless than 53dB
Packing size54.5×37×32cm, 2pcs/ctn
Net weight3.9kg
Gross weight4.9kg

1. What is the purpose for the suction machine?
Suction machines or aspirators are tracheostomy-care devices used for removing obstructions from a person’s airway. The machine uses suction to pull out mucus, saliva, blood, secretions or other fluids clearing the airway for easy breathing. These machines are designed either for stationary use at home or the portable variety for a patient on the move.

2. Which type of suction machine do you have?
We have a diverse range of portable and non-portable suction machine which can be used in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s office and ambulances or at home. Our range of aspirators is designed to carry out a wide range of suction procedures.

When the patient is unable to help the patient who vomits or faints during a seizure, removes respiratory secretions. Remove blood from the airways. The price of suction equipment in Bangladesh is as far as possible to remove foreign bodies in the patient’s trachea and/or lungs (pulmonary suction). Vacuum cleaners can be used in combination with other medical technologies to treat various life-threatening diseases. In the former environment, it is also in the hospitalization field. Because of its ubiquity, there are questions about its use and function. Cardiologist Pierre Karl Eduard Potine Price introduced the first traditional aspirator. In 1869, Price used a suction machine in Bangladesh. His aspirator is a manual pump that uses the pump to drain the abscess and collect the pleural effusion. Prevention in Bangladeshis electricity has become a regular and reliable device, vacuum cleaners have been switched from handheld devices to electric devices.

However, it was not until the late 1970s that vacuum cleaners became very large and were often permanently attached to the wall. Over time, many other types of vacuum cleaners were invented. Both hospitals and patients can use or rent various types of suction equipment. The price of vacuum cleaners in Bangladesh. Hand-held vacuum cleaners-Hand-held vacuum cleaners do not use electricity and can be thought of as hand-held bulbs used to expel mucus from the nasal cavity of children. They are usually used in emergency situations because they do not require electricity to operate. They are usually small and easy to carry. However, it is difficult to use a handheld vacuum cleaner consistently and effectively over a long period of time.
Suction Machine Price in Bangladesh

Stationary vacuum cleaners-It can be said that for decades, stationary vacuum cleaners have been the most common vacuum cleaners. However, due to the high price of suction machines in Bangladesh, they are expensive. Patients cannot be treated with in-patient aspirators during transportation and can only provide emergency care within the four walls of the hospital. Machine-portable vacuum cleaners have become more and more popular due to advances in vacuum cleaners and battery technology. The portable vacuum cleaner is light in weight and easy to move or transport. The price of suction machines in Bangladesh makes them ideal for patients and healthcare professionals. …

The price of hand-held, fixed, and portable suction machines are high in Bangladesh and their status in today’s nursing environment. Everyone has their own advantages, and healthcare providers can use different types of suction machines at different stages of treatment. They are usually used when a liquid or semi-solid blockage occurs in the patient’s pharynx, trachea, or another oral cavity. However, the ideal suction device may vary from person to person patient status. In several cases, a portable suction machine can be used by patients or professionals. The price of suction machines in Bangladesh. Ongoing patient care If the patient cannot be cleaned out of the hospital for various reasons, it may be necessary to use a portable suction device at home.
This includes,

patients receiving palliative care who find that their secretions are difficult or impossible to clear, and people with chronic diseases (COPD, ALS, Cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, etc.) or patients who have undergone tracheostomy. In the preclinical environment in Bangladesh, portable inhalers in front of hospitals are very common because they play a vital role in helping emergency services to establish ABC (airways, respiratory tracts, patients, including patients with blood injuries) effect. Patients with respiratory overdose