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Tongue Depressor

Price:৳ 200.00 ৳ 150.00


Stainless Steel
Cleaning Type
Model Name/Number
AD 5900
Type Of Tongue Depressor
Stainless Steel
  •  very good product.
  • Home delivery within 60 minutes in Dhaka city.
  • Bill pays after receiving products.
  • Our home delivery man will deliver the product to your home and show you how to use the product.
  • 24/7 service provision.
  •  Material  Stainless Steel
  • Cleaning Type  Manual
  • Model Name/ NumberAD 5900

Tongue Depressor Price in Bangladesh 

Maisha Care Ltd Provides high-quality Marigold quality Tongue Depressors that are used as medical diagnostic instruments and are an important part of a dentist’s office and are made out of wood, they are better for the environment than disposable plastic supplies. It is used for medication and spreading ointment purposes and the best part is that it is odorless and tasteless which increases patients’ comfort. These wooden sticks can be used to spread hot wax onto your clients during many different treatments. Disposable products ensure a sanitary environment in your spa. Disposable wooden body applicators enable you to apply wax thin and consistently with minimal cost. It can be used for inspecting the throat and tonsils as Tongue Depressor is reliable, durable, and easy to get at a reasonable price.

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