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Cool Water Bag

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Material Cotton, PVC, Rubber or Latex
Size130 mm
PackageOPP bag, with card, or with gift box

Application scope of cloth ice bag: Auxiliary reducing fever: in case of fever, after the diagnosis and treatment of medication, ice packs can be used to help reduce fever, which is stable and safe. Analgesic detumescence: after a fall injury, apply an ice pack to accelerate the healing. Relieve toothache and nosebleed: you can apply an ice pack to relieve the pain and stop the bleeding temporarily, then go to the hospital for treatment. Physiotherapy care: neuralgia, eye jumping, skin itching, insect bites, redness and swelling, mild scalds and burns. Ice pack is helpful to relieve symptoms. Special fold design makes ice compress bag and body surface stick together to produce good cold compress effect

About the Product

-The small ice pack is perfect for children, or smaller aches and pains, while the two larger ones are great for teenagers and adults

-The cap opening is large to allow for easy filling of ice cubes or crushed ice

-Ideal for application of cold therapy to help reduce pain and swelling from minor scrapes, bruises, muscle aches, sprains and strains. Recommended to help relieve pain, reduce swelling, and speed recovery. Stays cold much longer than gel packs or other cold packs. Suitable for sport injury and first aid

-For cold therapy, simply fill the ice bag two third full with ice and water to relieve discomfort from headaches, bruises, migraines, muscle aches and swelling. For heat therapy, add hot water (not boiling) to help soothe an upset stomach, migraine, sinus and joint pain

-Keeps a handy ice bag in your work desk, car and home for grab-and-go comfort from pain. Whether you are experiencing the weekend hangover, headache or aching and soreness from a recent visit to your chiropractor, get the soothing relief from hot or cold therapy right away

Q: Are you a factory? What certificates are available?

Answer: We are a regular manufacturer. We have passed BS1970:2012, TUV, CE, HG/T, BSCI certification, MAPA,WAREHOUSE factory inspection, etc.

Q: What are your main products?

Answer: rubber hot water bag, hot water bag cover, fabric ice bag, microwavable heat pad.

Q: About quantitative questions?

A: We usually start with a single quantity of 2000, but if the quantity is a little less, we can also produce, please consult customer service sales for details.

Q: Can you quote according to the product picture I provided?

A: It may not be accurate and there may be some errors. Please understand.If there is no real sample, you’d better provide detailed size, material and standard requirements, so as to provide you with an accurate quotation. Thank you for your cooperation!

Q: About the delivery date?

A: Our regular delivery time is 7-15 days. If the production schedule is busy for about 20 days, we will communicate and negotiate with the sales on specific urgent orders.

Q: About the quality of the product?

Answer: Our products have gone through many strict quality inspection procedures. Every product is tested for 72 hours just by inflating the cap. The products are produced and manufactured in strict accordance with the contract.