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Hospital Bed Five Function Electric

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Hospital Bed Five Function Electric

Trendelenburg0-12 degree
Weight150 kg
Back section0-80 degree (+/-5 degree)
Knee section0-40 degree (+/-5 degree)

Product Description

With an objective to fulfill the demands of our clients, we are engaged in providing a wide array of Five Function Electric Hospital beds.

Bed Frame:

  • With detachable ABS foot and headboards with bumpers,
  • Made by cold-rolled steel, treated by electro-coating & powder-coating,
  • Made with 10 parts of steel for sleeping Platforms
  • With 4 pcs PP long sideboards which size is L980*H390*D45mm,
  • With angle shows in the side rails,
  • With central lock system in 4 corners by 125mm diameter castors which from Taiwan Secure, have plastic dust cover; With two side central lock steps in the left and right side
  • Bed static load ≥250kg
  • High-low dynamic load ≥170kg
  • Motor brand: Linak motor from Denmark without battery(4 motors,1 handset, 1 control box)


  • 1 pc S.S. flexible I.V pole;
  • 4 pcs I.V holes
  • 4 pcs urine bag hooks;
  • Options: Blue and Wooden Color for the Head and Foot Board and Side Rails.

Hospital Bed Five Function Electric

Hospital beds or hospital beds are beds specially designed for inpatients or other people in need of medical assistance. Comfortable general features include adjustable entire bed, head and leg height, adjustable side rails, the price of hospital beds in Bangladesh, and electronic buttons for controlling the beds and other electronic devices nearby. Beds such as nursing beds are used not only in hospitals but also in other healthcare facilities, as are the prices of hospital beds in Bangladesh (such as nursing homes, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, and home care). “Hospital beds” can refer to real beds.

The term “bed” is also used to describe the space required by a medical institution, the price of hospital beds in Bangladesh, and the capacity of the number of patients in a medical institution. Measured in the existing bed. Between 1815 and 1825, beds with adjustable side rails first appeared in Bangladesh and England. In 1874, Andrew Wuest and Son, a mattress company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, applied for a patent for an articulated adjustable mattress frame, a pioneer in the price of modern hospital beds in Bangladesh.
Hospital Bed Price in Bangladesh

The modern three-stage adjustable hospital bed was invented by Willis Dew Gatch, director of surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine, in the early 20th century. The price of hospital beds in Bangladesh. This kind of bed is sometimes called a shock-isolated bed. The modern push-button hospital bed was invented in 1945 and originally included a built-in toilet with the purpose of reducing the cost of hospital beds in Bangladesh. Casters make it easy to move the bed in their own room and in the room. Sometimes it may be necessary to move the bed from a few inches to a few feet to care for the patient.

For safety reasons, the wheels can be locked when the patient gets in or out of bed. The price of hospital beds in Bangladesh. Overhead beds can be raised and lowered to head, toe, and full height. Since the crank is usually located at the foot of the bed, this function is electronic in modern beds. Today, all-electric beds have many electronic functions, while semi-electric beds have two motors: one to raise the head and the other to raise the legs. Lifting the head (called the Fowler position) can benefit the patient and/or medical staff. This may make breathing easier or may be beneficial to the patient for other reasons.
The price of hospital beds in Bangladesh.

Elevating the feet can make it easier for the patient to move towards the bed, which may be necessary in some cases. The price of hospital beds in Bangladesh. Raising and lowering the height of the bed can help raise the bed to a comfortable level so that the patient can get up or out of bed, or allow the caregiver to work with the patient. The side rail bed has side rails that can be raised or lowered. These handrails, which protect patients and sometimes make them feel safer, can also include buttons that employees and patients can use to move the bed, call the nurse or even control the TV.

There are many kinds of railings for different purposes. Although some are only used to prevent patients from falling, other devices can help patients on their own without being confined to the bed. If not designed properly, the side rails may be dangerous to the patient. As a result, more than 300 deaths were recorded between 1985 and 2004. Therefore, the FDA has developed sidebar safety guidelines. In some cases, the use of splints may require a doctor’s order (depending on local laws and the guidelines of the facility where they are used), because splints can be considered a medical restraint. The price of hospital beds in Bangladesh.

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