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Patient Bed Five function Electric China

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Brand / Made Size/Dimension :     China/ L2260 x W1060 x H430 – 720mm

Trendelenburg0                           :     12 degree

Weight1                                          :      50 kg

Usage/Application                       :     Hospital

Back section0                                :     80 degrees (+/-5 degrees)

Knee section0                                :    40 degrees (+/-5 degrees)

Deliery fee                                      :     you will provide

Setup fee                                        :     you will provid


  • Easy for a patient to use with a remote & reduces stress on the attendant.
  • Collapsible Side Rails to ensure patient safety.
  • Bed Height Up – down: 0-260 mm
  • Leg raise:
  • Head raise:
  • Length of bed 6 ft
  • The width of the bed is 3 ft

Patient Hospital Bed Five function China price in Bangladesh.

Patient Bed price in BD. Hospital Bed have functioned as follows: whole bed body lift up and down with balance, backside lifts up and down, leg bends and extends, legs lift up and down, etc. By adjusting the bed body’s lifting, users enable the bed to meet different nursing requirements; by changing the backside and leg, the user makes himself, or herself sit or lie comfortably to feel relaxed and at ease.

The electric care bed backboard is matched with a double-support direct bottom rail to guarantee patient safety with high supportability. Castor is designed to break with good steadiness in order to meet different sickrooms’ requirements. The head and footboard can be detachable easily.

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Electric  Patient Bed Five function China best price in BD.

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