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Measurement Method :Non- Contact
Measuring Distance:5-15cm
Net Weight:130gm
Memory :30 Groups
DisplayTri- Color Backlight
Automatic Shutdown Function5 seconds
Power SupplyDC 3v (2AAA Batteries)
  • Rapid temperature measurement: measurement time ≤ 1 second
  • Easy to use: A key measurement, easy to operate
  • Non-contact: Measuring body temperature without touching skin
  • Measurement distance: it can be adjusted within 5~15CM without a fixed measurement distance
  • Large screen display: big screen LCD display, white backlight, any light can be clearly displayed
  • Temperature alarm: Set the alarm temperature freely
  • Storage data: 32 measurement data are stored for analysis and comparison
  • Setting modification: Parameters can be modified to accommodate different skin color
  • Unit Conversion: Use Celsius and Fahrenheit to convert each other

About this item

  • Non- contact measurement- The thermometer can take a reading within a distance range of 5-15cm, ensuring you can keep a safe and comfortable distance without physical contact when reading temperatures.
  • Reliable thermometer- Fast and high-precision temperature measurements in one second, made possible with the infrared temperature sensing.
  • Intelligent sound and light warning – The screen will indicate which temperature group the reading is in (low, normal, high) with an alarm sounding if a high temperature is detected.
  • Body & object readings- The thermometer can take readings from the forehead or various objects such as milk or water.
  • Convenient design & memory capacity- The one-button operation of the thermometer makes this easy and efficient to use, with the backlight screen ensuring it’s suitability for night time use. The thermometer can hold up to 30 previous temperature readings for extra precaution.

Product description

This non- contact digital infrared thermometer can be used safely and efficiently on babies and adults without direct contact on the skin, making the temperature measuring process safer and healthier. The thermometer has a high- precision sensor and can be used at a distance range of 5-15cm preventing cross infection with use of multiple people. The thermometer is quick and easy to use, with an accurate reading displayed within one second with just a single-button operation. Taking infants and children’s temperature with this digital thermometer is as simple as pointing and pressing a button. The thermometer has an intelligent sound and light warning function, with the colour changing and an alarm sounding if the temperature is too high. This thermometer is perfect for the use on babies and small children, with the non-contact function meaning they do not have to be disturbed when in use, and the colour backlight screen ensuring the thermometer provides a clear reading, even in night time use. The smart and convenient design of the thermometer has the memory capacity of up to 30 readings, to allow the comparison of previous readings taken for extra precaution and ideal for large-scale employee testing. In addition, the thermometer is fitted with power management functions such as a low power reminder and intelligent shutdown to automatically turn off after 5 seconds, to ensure energy efficiency. As well as forehead use, the thermometer can be changed to object mode, for extra safety to check the heat of objects such as your babies bottles. This non-contact battery operated thermometer is durable and of a small and light design, ensuring convenience for portable use to take this thermometer anywhere with you