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If you want to get Nursing home care services for sick and old people, you can contact us directly. Contact Number: 01315-092095

Would you want to get Healthcare Services at home?

Nursing home care BD. Maisha Care LTD Provide nursing services at home. You can get all these services at home. Example: nursing care at home (8/12/24 hours as needed), caregiver support (8/12/24 hours as needed), on-call nursing home support (24/7, anytime), physiotherapy, sample collection, doctor visits, and ambulance service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Home delivery of medicine, home delivery of oxygen cylinders, and medical equipment and surgical items at your house by qualified physicians, highly competent nurses, and professional therapists We provide care that goes beyond the necessities of daily living, assisting patients of all ages to remain independent, happy, and safe in their own homes.

Nursing home Care BD

Nursing Care at home

We provide best Nursing care at home. Our company, Nursing Home Care Dhaka, is now committed to offering nurse service in-home facilities. As we believe lasting and meaningful connections between patients receiving care at home and their friends or family. 

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Physiotherapy Home Service BD

Physiotherapy Home Service

We provide best ​​Physiotherapy Home Service in BD. Our company, ​​Physiotherapy Home Service Dhaka, is now committed to offering ​​Physiotherapy service in-​home facilities. As we believe lasting and meaningful connections between patients receiving therapy at home and their friends or family. 

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Doctor Home Visit BD

Doctor Home Visit

We provide best ​​​Doctor Home Visit in Dhaka. Our company, ​​​Doctor Home Visit Dhaka, is now committed to offering ​​Doctor ​Visit in-​home facilities. As we believe lasting and meaningful connections between patients receiving ​Visit at home and their friends or family. 

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Oxygen Cylinder BD

Oxygen Cylinder

We provide best ​​​Oxygen Cylinder in Bangladesh. Our company provide high-quality ​​Oxygen Cylinder best price in BD. You can easly buy now oxygen cylinder. you can purchase oxygen cylinder please  contact us. 

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Medicine Home Delivery BD

Medicine Home Delivery

We provide best ​​​Medicine Home Delivery in Dhaka. Our company, ​Physiotherapy Home Service Dhaka, is now committed to offering ​Physiotherapy service in-​home facilities. 

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Medical Equipment BD

Medical Equipment

We provide best ​​​Medical Equipment in Bangladesh. Our company provide high-quality ​​Medical Equipment best price in BD. You can easly buy now ​​Medical Equipment. you can purchase ​​Medical Equipment please  contact us. 

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home Sample collection BD

Sample collection

We provide best ​home Sample collection in BD. Our company, ​​home Sample collection in Dhaka, is now committed to offering ​​Sample collection in-​home facilities. As we believe lasting and meaningful connections between patients receiving therapy at home and their friends or family. 

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Ambulance service BD

Ambulance service

We provide best ​​​Ambulance service in BD. Our company, ​​​Ambulance service, is now committed to offering ​​Ambulance service facilities. As we believe lasting and meaningful connections between patients receiving therapy at home and their friends or family. 

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Patient Care home service bd

Caregiver Support

We provide best patient care home service BD. Our company, ​​patient care home service in Dhaka, is now committed to offering ​​patient care in-​home facilities. As we believe lasting and meaningful connections between patients receiving care at home and their friends or family. 

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Message From Managing Director

My dreams have never included progress. Once a milestone is reached, another one is always waiting to be crossed because it has always been a distant reality.I started the nursing agency Maisha Care Ltd. in 2017 with this conviction. Although my company quickly rose to prominence in its industry, I always aspired to take my firm to greater heights of success, just like any other entrepreneur who never gives up on their vision. I have always thought of my firm as more than just a local participant; I saw it as a unit that, through its competition and excellence, could change the world. 

I extended my company into three more sister-concern firms by taking the less-traveled route,

a highly difficult venture that calls for a strong entrepreneurial spirit. I ventured down a less-trodden route and grew the company into three additional sister-company businesses. This was a very difficult business that required a lot of technical know-how, skill, and specialized knowledge. With the help of my outstanding staff, I was able to successfully advance Maisha Care Ltd. to a new level of recognition by overcoming one difficulty after another. The path of the company never ends. But I am optimistic that the business will continue to achieve great milestones for years to come with the help of my staff, clients, and customers. 

Md. Mohibul Islam
Managing Director

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Our Mission

Our major goal is to provide the highest level of patient satisfaction possible, and we make it a point to continuously raise the bar on the caliber of our services by meeting the evolving needs of our clients' loved ones. We have a history of offering the greatest nursing care and most qualified personnel in Bangladesh, and we continue to strive to achieve that. patient care home service. home care services in dhaka. patient care home service. nursing home near Banani Model Town, Dhaka. nursing home service in dhaka. best home care bd. nursing home service bd. nursing home in Bangladesh. old care home in Bangladesh. home care services in dhaka. patient care home service.  

Our Vision

You can rely on Maisha Care Ltd. to provide hospital-quality nursing care in the comfort of your own home. All nursing home services, patient care attendant home services, physiotherapy home services, oxygen cylinder home services, prescription home deliveries, housekeeping home services, doctor home visits, sample collection home services, nutrition diet plans home services, medical equipment sell & rent home services, and ambulance services adhere to strict standards and have had their credentials and medical expertise validated by senior physicians. For the benefit of our patients, we offer home lab testing and the rental and sale of medical equipment. 

Our Aim

Our goal is to provide the elderly and ill parents with excellent service so that they can smile. Patient Care Attendants will always be working with our qualified, seasoned Diploma B.Sc. nurses and brothers to provide them with care at home or in the hospital. When they are happy or sad, they will be by their side. Since 1991, National Veterans Day has been honored globally at the request of the UN. The future of the human race, social welfare, and care for the ill and elderly are our top priorities. Two decades ago and the United Nations warned the world about the world' selderly population.  

Nursing home care BD। Nursing home care in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Nursing home care BD. We are a major provider of home patient care and provide the best service in Bangladesh. You need. This service if you want a skilled and qualified nurse to care for your patient at home. That is why we require this service from a reputable home care provider. Nursing home care BD, we offer the best nursing home services. 

The greatest and most skilled nursing care is provided by Maisha Care Limited in Bangladesh. We have a lot of expertise in nursing home care. Our qualified staff is prepared to provide round-the-clock home nursing care. The Reason You Select our Home Service. We all agree that providing quality care is what makes a good nurse. The nurse should be competent and professional for home care. nursing home care bd.

History of ​ Nu​rsing Home Care BD

In the United States, the federal government established the national social insurance program Medicare in 1965, ensuring access to health insurance for Americans 65 and older. Despite the fact that private nursing homes had been developed since the 1930s as a result of the Great Depression and the Social Security Act of 1935, a large number of new nursing home care facilities were spurred to open in the years that followed by this program. Programs like nursing beds are frequently funded by Medicaid, the country's program for the poor, as individuals may need to be "impoverished" to use the facility. Day night nursing home care.


In 1987, a report examined the nursing home problem in Wisconsin which involved 4,000 people, 80% under 65 years of age with an average of 110 patients per facility. 5% had developmental disabilities. They reported that 13 large institutions were certified as SNFs (skilled nursing facilities), that all were "absolutely inappropriate" placements for the developmental disabilities' clients (the federal GAO then reported a need to upgrade services in the homes, including day services), and the facilities resembled institutions of other types such as Willow brook where abuses had been uncovered.​ 

Nursing home care reform

Nursing home care BD has been the focus of decades-long state and federal efforts to improve health and residential care for the "frail" elderly, particularly those in the US with lower incomes. Regulations have been added to ensure that these facilities provide basic good care (i.e., care that adheres to established acceptable human standards) (e.g., personnel, education, activities, and services, ancillary and professional services, advocacy, and reviews).

Health Care 

When the Health Care Financing Administration examined its own facilities and reported on the efficacy of its current system and certification of nursing homes in 1996, it was a significant step toward nursing home reform. By 1998, the President had promised new measures for government supervision, such as the monitoring of subpar performance, the imposition of new levies, and a greater emphasis on nourishment and fundamental personal care, such as pressure sores. Minimum staffing levels and the Nursing Home Quality of Care Initiative were adopted by the year 2000. Following the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987, these measures were taken.

Patient Care

The "Nursing Home care Data Compendium," which the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services of the Department of Health and Human Services now publishes annually, contains numerous statistics about nursing homes and their inhabitants, as well as information about health problems and subpar care. Results from the 2015 edition were largely encouraging, with claims of subpar care falling from 4.4% in 2008 to 3.2% in 2014, reversing a pattern of rising reports. 

As a staff augmentation,

nurses, therapists (such as speech and occupational therapists), adult day services provided by civil servants or BA/AA human services employees, or clinic services may all be employed (e.g., psychologist, audiologist). The "overly medical" nature of intermediate care institutions, as well as their requirements that did not meet the population group's community needs, raised serious concerns about their conversion into group homes or community houses.  

Intermediate home care facilities

In the 1970s, the state categorical systems (intellectual disabilities, mental health) developed small intermediate home care facilities in response to exposés on institutional conditions that necessitated active treatment in institutions and the new construction of community facilities that were advised to be under 16 in size. These facilities, which are run and managed separately by the community services administration, resembled houses in their smaller sizes (e.g., 4-6). (often civil personnel). Everyone needs state health department clearance for federal Medicaid and Medicare. 

Skilled nursing facilities

A nursing home that has received certification to take part in Medicare and receive reimbursement is known as a "skilled nursing facility" (SNF). The federal program known as Medicare is largely for people over the age of 65 who paid into both Social Security and Medicare while they were working. Medicaid is a federal program that is put into place in conjunction with each state to offer health care and related services to those who are living in poverty. Each state has its own definition of poverty and Medicaid eligibility. 

Facilities for skilled nursing care 

Facilities for skilled nursing care are less "caretaking" (e.g., laundry, personal care at bed and bathing, meal assistance, housekeeping, medications, mobility, room in units, limited activities -as defined in approval applications). They provide solutions like rehabilitation (physical therapy). Federal funding is still provided to older nursing homes (such as those that were previously operated by counties but are now sold to for-profit businesses). 90% of SNFs are standalone facilities, with a few hospital-based facilities (designated as separate parts (D/P) of an institution) making up the remaining 10%. 

Home health 

In the 1970s, home health and other social services were suggested as "alternatives to facility care." Home health services are often offered by licensed home health care providers and include visits from nurses or aides to help with everyday tasks. According to Barr (2007), funding for Medicare, a different government program, was $20 billion in 2010, and Medicaid funding was $47.8 billion nationwide in 2008. The annual service cap was finally eliminated in the late 2000s, and the stated condition of receiving hospital care first was eliminated.

Best Health care

Many seniors and young individuals would want to receive services at home. Nurse's aides, personal help services, home health caregivers or carers in the home, "support aides," peer companions, and social day care in senior facilities are some of the providers of services. They receive some compensation through insurance coverage. Clients may choose to receive therapies from private practices such as mental health counselors, chiropractors, home care agencies, medication management counselors, physical therapists, county aging workers, and rehabilitation counselors in addition to continuing to see their primary care physician. 

Best Home care in Bangladesh

These services are seen as „underdeveloped community systems“ for the elderly in some locations because they are only offered for a certain number of hours per week. In order to help young adults with physical and medical problems live in their own homes and apartments, including under the new self-directed care of Medicaid and Medicare, independent living (IL) programs have made strides in community services. Nursing home care BD. patient care home service.  

Healthcare at home in Dhaka

According to the American Association of Retired Persons' profiles on long-term services and supports in the states from 2012, home health services cost $5,495 per person, personal care services cost $11,142, and the aging waiver costs $10,710. The average cost per person for nursing homes is $29,533. [44] This development can be attributed in part to the „cost-effectiveness“ and „cost advantages“ justifications put out to switch from institutional to community care. nursing home near Banani Model Town, Dhaka. nursing home service in dhaka. best home care bd. 

Nursing home care Services

Services for nursing homes. If one excludes community-based alternative programs (including medical homes and 24-hour care programs) and newer assisted living facilities, nursing facilities offer (according to county planning procedures) the most comprehensive care a person may receive outside of a hospital. In addition to providing skilled care delivered by a trained nurse and including medical monitoring and treatments, nursing homes also provide assistance with custodial care, such as bathing, dressing, and eating. 
Depending on the facility, nursing homes offer a variety of services. Services may include: lodging; medication monitoring; personal care (including assistance with dressing, washing, and using the restroom); 24-hour emergency care. Recreational and social activities (posted schedules)

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