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Compassionate Dementia Care in Dhaka

Compassionate Dementia Care in Dhaka

Compassionate Dementia Care at Maisha Care Ltd

Your Trusted Haven for Dementia Care in Dhaka

Welcome to Maisha Care Ltd, your sanctuary of compassion and understanding in the heart of Dhaka. We specialize in providing top-tier Dementia Care Services, offering a warm, home-like environment that ensures individuals with dementia receive the specialized care and attention they deserve.

A Home Away From Home

At Maisha Care Ltd, we understand that dementia can bring unique challenges to both patients and their families. That’s why we’ve crafted an environment that mirrors the comfort of home while addressing the specific needs of those on this challenging journey.

  • Our thoughtfully designed facilities create a nurturing ambiance, where residents feel safe and cherished.
  • Trained caregivers provide round-the-clock support, ensuring your loved ones receive the care they need.
  • We foster a sense of community, encouraging social interaction and meaningful connections among residents.

Specialized Dementia Care

Our team at Maisha Care Ltd is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals living with dementia. We recognize that each person’s journey is unique, and our specialized care reflects that understanding.

  • Person-centered care plans are tailored to the individual, addressing their cognitive, emotional, and physical needs.
  • We prioritize cognitive stimulation through engaging activities and therapies that promote mental agility.

Support for Families

We know that dementia impacts not only the individual but also their loved ones. Maisha Care Ltd extends its support to families navigating this challenging chapter.

  • Regular family updates and consultations provide peace of mind, keeping you informed about your loved one’s well-being.
  • Our support groups offer a space for families to share experiences, advice, and emotional support.

Why Choose Maisha Care Ltd?

  • Compassionate, round-the-clock care in a home-like environment.
  • Tailored care plans that prioritize individual needs.
  • Engaging activities and therapies to promote cognitive well-being.
  • Ongoing support and education for families.

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