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Medical Air Mattress

৳ 3,400.00


Therapeutic Pad Features:

  • Medical Air Mattress BD: 130 Bubble Pad Design
  • Provides Superior Treatment
  • Durable, Medical Grade PVC
  • Advanced Comfort Therapy
  • RoHS/CA-117/En-71 Certificate

Alternating Pump Features: Compact Design

  • Reliable, Durable Pump
  • Quiet, Low Vibration Compressor Easily Attaches to Bed Frame
  • Adjustable Pressure Setting

Medical Air Mattress BD

Experience comfort and support like never before with our Life Care Medical Air Mattress. Precision-crafted to meet the needs of individuals requiring pressure relief and therapeutic support, our mattress delivers a restorative sleep experience.

Our air mattress utilizes advanced medical-grade technology to evenly distribute weight, reducing pressure points and minimizing bedsores. Adjustable firmness settings ensure personalized comfort, while the durable, reliable construction is ideal for long-term use in hospitals, nursing homes, or at home.

The quiet air pump system creates a peaceful sleep environment, while the waterproof, antimicrobial cover enhances hygiene. Whether recovering from surgery, managing a chronic condition, or seeking a more comfortable sleep surface, our Life Care Medical Air Mattress provides the support needed for improved well-being.

Invest in your comfort and quality of life with our premium medical air mattress solution.


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