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Thermometer Manual

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Type Mercury
Temperature Range 35-42 Degree C & 94-108 Degree F
Material Plastic Case
Accuracy +/-0.1 Degree C & +/- 0.2 Degree F
Usage / Application Oral
I Deal In Now Only
Weight 7 g
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

Product Description of  Thermometer Manual

Details about Clinical Classic Glass Thermometer:

Here’s a basic GLASS THERMOMETER for easy and simple temperature measurement within the variety of 0 – 220 F (Fahrenheit). The thermometer has a protecting case, with a pocket clip and a top eyelet for hanging.  The simple-to-read graduations are on a white background. This thermometer is spirit-filled, avoiding mercury issues. It is ultimate for science initiatives associated with climate, chemistry, heating, cooling, solar power, and so on. Please notice that we offer 1 thermometer per supply and ship them shipped postage paid anyplace within the BD, all for under tk.40

Temperature Vary: Zero-220 F, Size 6 inches, Spirit Stuffed, 2 Diploma Graduations

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